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Could Thalidomide Be The Answer For My Crohns Disease?

As I was doing research on treatments for Crohns Disease, I ran across some interesting research where Clinicians are using Thalidomide to treat Crohns Disease patients unresponsive to other treatments. In several studies, even the patients who dropped out of the clinical trials because of side effects, ranging from drowsiness, neuropathy, and constipation, had positive results from the use of this drug, on their disease. The positive effects on Crohns disease were prevalent even in lower doses, with some patients attaining total remission

Thalidomide was banned in the mid part of last century due to severe birth defects, so it would have to be carefully monitored as to who would be able to use it, if approved, and accepted by the Medical Community, for widespread use; nonetheless, for people like me who have had a bad reaction to everything except steroids, to treat my Crohns disease, this may be an alternative I may be able to take. I will be asking my GI doctor. This drug is an earlier version of the new main line Crohns disease treatments, Anti Tumor Necrosis Factor (anti TNF) drugs. I will definitely investigate this.

My GI doctors want me off the steroids, and I fully understand why, but we have not found an alternative yet. We thought we had an alternative, but when I got the prescription, and checked it against my records, I saw where it caused me a significant GI bleed. I was throwing up dry blood from it several years ago, so I cannot use it. Maybe low dose Thalidomide will work, or maybe not. I will keep looking though. Lucky for me, my GI Clinic is affiliated with the University of Florida, and Shands Gainesville, so I get access to treatments before others, if I choose to participate, in clinical trials.

Thanks for stopping by. I still need a car if ANYONE can help me out with a clunker. I would be happy to make payments. I just do not have a down payment. I am planning to move closer to the hospital, but will need a car so I am not stuck, in a new town, with no way to go. I guess we can say getting a car is on my “Bucket List“. I really, really, really need one, and hate to ask, but at this point I am about ready to beg.

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Super Storm Sandy – A Few Thoughts

My prayers go out for all of the people affected by Super Storm Sandy, and those yet to be affected. This is truly a massive, and very strong storm. I am sure we have not seen the worst from the zones hit hardest.

Seeing entire communities underwater here in North Florida, at the beginning of the hurricane season, and the devastation created by those flood waters on those communities, my heart sinks when I consider the impact of such weather on the densely populated areas Sandy has hit.

I pray the good in people will prevail, and there will be no looting, and no rioting. The state, and federal governments need to have everything in place to alleviate the suffering that is sure to be in the wake of this massive storm. Unfortunately the average person, and average family, in this region, is just not prepared for such a tragedy. Looking at the record books this very well could be a 100, to 150 year event.

I pray for the safety of the victims, the rescue workers, and those working in earnest to restore normalcy to such a tragedy as will be unfolding over the next few days.

God Bless All of Them,


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