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Could Thalidomide Be The Answer For My Crohns Disease?

As I was doing research on treatments for Crohns Disease, I ran across some interesting research where Clinicians are using Thalidomide to treat Crohns Disease patients unresponsive to other treatments. In several studies, even the patients who dropped out of the clinical trials because of side effects, ranging from drowsiness, neuropathy, and constipation, had positive results from the use of this drug, on their disease. The positive effects on Crohns disease were prevalent even in lower doses, with some patients attaining total remission

Thalidomide was banned in the mid part of last century due to severe birth defects, so it would have to be carefully monitored as to who would be able to use it, if approved, and accepted by the Medical Community, for widespread use; nonetheless, for people like me who have had a bad reaction to everything except steroids, to treat my Crohns disease, this may be an alternative I may be able to take. I will be asking my GI doctor. This drug is an earlier version of the new main line Crohns disease treatments, Anti Tumor Necrosis Factor (anti TNF) drugs. I will definitely investigate this.

My GI doctors want me off the steroids, and I fully understand why, but we have not found an alternative yet. We thought we had an alternative, but when I got the prescription, and checked it against my records, I saw where it caused me a significant GI bleed. I was throwing up dry blood from it several years ago, so I cannot use it. Maybe low dose Thalidomide will work, or maybe not. I will keep looking though. Lucky for me, my GI Clinic is affiliated with the University of Florida, and Shands Gainesville, so I get access to treatments before others, if I choose to participate, in clinical trials.

Thanks for stopping by. I still need a car if ANYONE can help me out with a clunker. I would be happy to make payments. I just do not have a down payment. I am planning to move closer to the hospital, but will need a car so I am not stuck, in a new town, with no way to go. I guess we can say getting a car is on my “Bucket List“. I really, really, really need one, and hate to ask, but at this point I am about ready to beg.

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Feds Bust “Legal” Medical Marijuana Operations – Challenge States Tenth Amendment Rights

The Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Marshals have been conducting raids on marijuana dispensaries, instructional institutions, and teachers who instruct patients how to cultivate their own marijuana, in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. According to sources these raids have intensified in depth, and scope lately, as part of a broad attack on these States’ Tenth Amendment Rights, under the United States Constitution. When we look closely at the secrecy of the operations, the  level of force being used, and take into account Congress has recently given the Executive Branch broad powers, to use the United States Military to arrest, and detain US citizens indefinitely, without access to the courts (habeus corpus), and without filing any charges, my “Spidey Senses” start to tingle for fear of an over reaching federal government taking away what little authority the States have left under the Tenth Amendment, of the US Constitution.

All of the States where medicinal marijuana has been legalised, are in the sights of various agencies, of the US government. I fully expect the Executive to use the Armed Forces of The United States, in a broader scope, to shut down any facility, institute, group,, and/or groups trying to provide, or enabling the provision of legal medicinal marijuana to the sick, and/or dieing. The reason the Federal Government will use for de facto martial law will be the states’ police powers not enforcing archaic federal laws banning marijuana.

The way I see it is if a person is sick, in pain, and their doctor believes marijuana will help them, that person should be able to legally obtain marijuana, without the threat of being branded a criminal. I have never heard of anyone killing someone to obtain marijuana, but I have heard of people killing to obtain oxycodone, hydrocodone, and a host of other powerful, and deadly legal narcotics. I have never seen a person get physically ill from not having marijuana, but I have seen people get violently ill from not having narcotics.Furthermore, another legal drug, alcohol is much worse on a persons health than marijuana, yet the government allows people to obtain, and drink as much booze as they want. There is something really stupid about a system that bans a benign substance based on outdated research, yet knowingly allows much more deadly drugs to be legally dispensed.

I hope I am wrong about de facto martial law being declared in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. I hope this is just the federal governments way of telling the states that have legalized medicinal marijuana, to not make it legal for recreational use. When the Feds can more fully tax, and regulate marijuana, it may be legalised for recreational use, but until then, just do not smoke it unless you do not mind being put in the pokey.


Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/02/usa-crime-california-idUSL2E8F2B7720120402?feedType=RSS&feedName=rbssHealthcareNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+reuters%2FUShealthcareNews+%28News+%2F+US+%2F+Healthcare+News%29

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Department of Veterans Affairs – Blacklisting Patients

The Department of Veterans Affairs outpatient clinics, and hospitals have some problems, and some issues in dire need of solutions. One of the problems in need of a solution is the complaint process. Currently, if a Veteran has a problem, they are encouraged to go to the Patient Advocate; however, this system allows the VA to identify the complaining Veteran, and as I have found out, retaliate against that Veteran.

People in the civilian sector, and most of the Veterans, are unaware of the capability built into the electronic health record system enabling the Veterans Administration to flag a chart. I understand the need for employees to be aware a particular Veteran has the propensity to be violent, but conversely I fear this ability to “flag” a veterans’ medical record could be abused. I can see how such a system could lead to veterans being blacklisted by the very institution entrusted to care for them.

I would not feel this way if I did not have first hand experience with retaliation from a VA employee. A few years back I had a problem with an employee at the VA. I wrote a letter of complaint in the hope my problem would be corrected. Up until 2 years ago I assumed the problem had been handled. I gave no second thought to the matter until I was literally confronted by the same employee I complained against. This happened over the phone when I had a problem that came under this particular persons’ job duties. Moreover, since this incident, I have had several problems with that persons co-workers. To say the least, I am afraid to speak my mind anymore out of fear of reprisals. They have made it clear to me that everything I say, and do at the VA is being monitored. To me it is all a bit over the top considering I had a legitimate complaint; furthermore, I have NEVER threatened, or abused an employee at the Veterans Administration. The only “sin” I commited was to comlain about harsh treatment.

If I can have this many problems because I wrote ONE letter complaining about harsh treatment, imagine how bad it could be for others? By the way, if you are a Veteran, or the spouse/family member of a Veteran, take my advice and do not complain to the Patient Advocate. The Patient Advocates in the Veterans Administration clinics, and hospitals are a joke. They are there to protect the VA, not the Veterans. Do not fall into the same trap I have fallen into. Avoid the Patient Advocate like the plague. Take your complaints higher up the food chain. Contact your representatives in Washington, D.C., I know I will.

It does not take much of a mental leap to see how a system that allows employees to abuse patients, could use the option to electronically flag a patients chart, in a way that is not consistent with quality, compassionate care. Dare I use the word ‘blacklist”? I do not think it would be too far out of bounds to do so.

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