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Is God’s Harvest on the Horizon?

This old world seems to be about ready to fly off its axis. Almost everyone is into things just for the money. Altruism is at risk of extinction. It seems like what Jesus said in Matthew about the end times, as well as other parts of end time prophecy are being fulfilled right in front of us.

The neighborhood church is dead. It has been killed by the Mega Churches, where people can go, be anonymous, and not worry about the church seeing how they really live, and have their sinning interfered with. Why even bother going to church if you are not going to even try to live it. It is our nature to sin, so do not get me wrong that I expect folks to be perfect. One of the most tragic things lost with the neighborhood church is evangelism by people who knew you, as well as having something there to help people when they fell on hard times. Not just financial assistance, but spiritual assistance. We seem to be forgetting our founders, going all the way back to Plymouth Rock, where men, and women of faith came here to escape religious persecution, and make a better society.  Our nation was born with Christian values. Have we made mistakes along the way? Yes, we are after all only human; however, our collective sense of morality is in jeopardy, and our society is seeing under currents of religious persecution of Christians. In some cases we have seen overt persecution of Christian’s rights in the public arena.

Now a days everyone is in it all for themselves. Like animals, the world seems to be going the way of the jungle. We have thrown God, prayers to Him, and His word out of our classrooms, and public institutions. The Christians, those who act on, and truly believe the Bible are being pushed farther into the corners of society, all the while Satan has taken center stage in the public square. These are indeed very difficult times to be a Christian. Society has turned against God, in the name of political correctness, and not wanting to offend anyone. Our society no longer calls sin what it actually is, we have explanations, ad nauseam.

I worry when things play out to the end course of which our society is locked onto, will it be too late for the souls of the lost to be redeemed? Will God have already had enough, as He did in the days of Noah, and save His children, those asleep in Christ, and those who are still living, and saved. How many will indeed be left behind? It appears the masses are following satan right off the edge of a cliff, into eternal damnation.

I pray God helps this society see the course we are on is a course of destruction. Mankind has become prideful, and arrogant, thinking there is no need for God. We are in a tower of Babel, and the times of Noah situation. Had the neighborhood church not been killed, we may have been able to get more souls ready for the harvest, the inevitable harvest of God.

If you do not know God, please read John 3:16. This one verse can save a soul from eternal damnation.



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