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The New Oxycontin – Is It Non-Addictive?

Hey everyone! WOW! I have not blogged quite a while now. I have had a whole lotta stuff going on. I am getting on great these days, in case anyone was wondering.

I did a bit of an experiment with my pain medication. Everyone who reads this blog knows I take pain medication. You all just do not know the type I take. ONE of my pain medications is Oxycontin. Recently the manufacturer of this medication remade the formula for the pill, so as to prevent people from crushing them up, and doing lord knows what with it. This new formula makes the outside mix in so much with the inside of the pill that it is basically unusable for use other than what the doctor prescribed. The manufacturer is also touting this knew formula as being more, or less non addictive. We all heard this same statement when this drug originally came out, and we know what happened with it. It became “Hillbilly Heroin”.

Being the curious person I am, I decided to test this medication to see if it indeed has qualities making it so it is not hard to come off of. I abruptly quit taking it, and stayed off of it for a number of days. I had absolutely NO withdrawals from this medication. I hurt like hell, but I had no withdrawals. It looks like, at least for me, the manufacturer got it right this time.

If you know anyone taking this medication, please be sure to pass this tidbit on to them.

On to other news, we have some tropical systems gearing up in the Carribean, so I have to get off here and make sure I am ready, just in case.

God Bless, and Stay Safe!



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Super Storm Sandy – A Few Thoughts

My prayers go out for all of the people affected by Super Storm Sandy, and those yet to be affected. This is truly a massive, and very strong storm. I am sure we have not seen the worst from the zones hit hardest.

Seeing entire communities underwater here in North Florida, at the beginning of the hurricane season, and the devastation created by those flood waters on those communities, my heart sinks when I consider the impact of such weather on the densely populated areas Sandy has hit.

I pray the good in people will prevail, and there will be no looting, and no rioting. The state, and federal governments need to have everything in place to alleviate the suffering that is sure to be in the wake of this massive storm. Unfortunately the average person, and average family, in this region, is just not prepared for such a tragedy. Looking at the record books this very well could be a 100, to 150 year event.

I pray for the safety of the victims, the rescue workers, and those working in earnest to restore normalcy to such a tragedy as will be unfolding over the next few days.

God Bless All of Them,


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Thank You!!

Thanks for the overwhelming positive response to my last post regarding the additions of a Page 2, and a Page 3, to my blog. I have never had 50 plus likes on any post I have made. I am ecstatic over the positive reception, to the descriptions, of  additions, I will soon be making to “armyveteran”.

As with so many undertakings, when one is trying to make something better, unexpected things happen.  Delays are the norm when one is waiting for another writer to submit their work. I am hoping to have the work from my wife within a week. Then I will be lining up other guest writers, and making a contribution, or three, of my own.

The “Page 3” material is in a state of flux. Part of this material will be photographs, from a really nice digital camera, I recently purchased. It is the most powerful camera I have ever used, and I have not even put the batteries in it, nor have I uploaded its disk, to my computer. I will just have to get over my fear of this powerful camera, and just use it. Another thing holding me back is the intensely hot weather here in Florida. The weather is the norm, for this time of year. I am just getting older, and the Crohns Disease is robbing me of ever more physical capacities, such as the ones needed to go out, in the heat, and capture summer photographs. The weather will be moderating, hopefully, in a couple of months. I can always go out early in the morning, or late at night, and take my photographs, at those times, until the weather cools down, as I am able. The rest of “Page 3” will be made up of jokes, and humorous essays written by me, and borrowed from other sources. Of course, I will give credit, where credit is due.

Once again, thanks for the great response, to the proposed changes, on my blog. I wanted to let you all know I am still implementing them, but have some issues, which I have outlined in the above paragraphs.

Once again, thanks for all the support.




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Marine Criticizing President Obama on Facebook To Be Discharged

I think this Marine Sergeant has a real case here of his first amendment rights being trampled. Soldiers do have a right to express an opinion about politicians, even the president, just not on behalf of their branch of service. This would also be a great time for all of the Armed Forces of The United States, to re-write their policies, taking into account the digital age we live in.

We will see where this goes. The link to the story follows.


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Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas Smacked By Multiple Tornadoes

God Bless the people in the path of the destructive weather in the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas, and other areas. Reports have been coming across the Internet of tornadoes 1/2 mile wide, as well as other tornadoes staying on the ground  for half an hour. There are no confirmed reports of the half mile wide tornado being the one on the ground for so long, but I will try to find out.

Those is the path of this weather system, heed the warnings, and seek shelter before it is too late.



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