About Me – Mark aka Army Veteran – aka AVet – aka Old Soldier

I was born in North Florida, and have lived here all of my life, except, of course, when I served in the United States Army. I am a political moderate. I believe everyone deserves a chance, sometimes more than one, depending on the person, and the situation. To me a persons’ word is their bond, or it should be.  God, Family, and Country are the most important things in my life. 

I am a disabled Veteran of the United States Army. In addition to my service connected disability, I have severe crohns disease, and a myriad of health problems associated with the disease process, and the treatments given me. My crohns disease is most likely a result of the treatments given me for my service connected disability; however, getting a Veterans Administration Physician to go on the record to that effect is a futile endeavour.  

My personal interests are, but are not limited to, photography, American History, geography, hunting, outdoor life, beaches, nature, military matters, and politics.

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7 responses to “About Me – Mark aka Army Veteran – aka AVet – aka Old Soldier

  1. Mark I run a blog called Project 365 Vets. We are honoring a veteran a day, every day of 2012. We are honoring them through their stories, told in their own words. We would be honored to count your story among those if you would be interested in sharing it.


    • Tina,

      Thank you,it would be a privelage to share my saga. Give me a good head start. I have surgery upcoming, and I go for blood treatments every 2-3 weeks. I have much to say, and I want to do justice to my experience, and those who served with me, hence the need for extra time. Perhaps you could put me in toward the later part of the summer, or early autumn.

      I see veterans all the time, from many wars, and branches of service. If you would like me to do so, I can reach out to them, and ask if they want to share their experiences. If they have trouble expressing themselves, I could write a draft, and submit it to you for editing.


      Mark, Disabled US Army, 9th Infantry Division, Division Artilery, 214th Aviation, 9th Cavalry Brigade

  2. AirportsMadeSimple

    Mark – thank you so much for your service to the country. My brother was Army – Desert Storm – and also Coast Guard. We appreciate all you do/did/have done. And your team. 🙂

    I would like to hear your story, too, at some point. So make sure and give us a shout out when it’s done or soon to be printed. Thanks again.

    • Your welcome. I will give everyone a heads up when I am getting ready to post it. The hitch for me is the 28 years as a patient of The Department of Veterans Affairs, and how much coverage should that get. I have been trying to give little bits of my VA experience at a time. I want to condense it, and add it to my military experience.

  3. AirportsMadeSimple

    Mark, how about contacting the person called tshang who left a comment above? Maybe he can help with the car? Or at least offer suggestions on how to get one. Maybe…anyway. On a lighter note, I’m not for or against football, so unfortunately, I can’t comment on football! Eek. But my husband is a football fanatic, so I do understand the passion for the game. 🙂

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