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Lets Talk Crohns!

GREETINGS FROM CONFEDERATE POINT: Hey everyone. My sabbatical has been going great, despite rumors to the contrary. My health has improved significantly, and my outlook is positive. To my fellow Crohns disease sufferers, I give a special hello, may you find peace, and power despite the ongoing struggle. I know how you feel. Be blessed in your endeavors.

While I am on the subject of Crohns disease I have some technical stuff about the problem I want to share, and hopefully help someone who is struggling.

First off to my friends in the medical community I need to take you to the wood shed. You have utterly failed your patients if you regularly prescribe habit forming, and mind altering drugs without first exhausting every resource at your disposal. We want good outcomes; do we not? While there are cases where there is no choice but to prescribe such substances, it should always be the very last resource. Some of these medications are very dangerous, and seem to have a way of messing peoples lives up. Always remember to treat the underlying problem, if you can. If it is beyond your expertise REFER the patient. Unless the patient has proven to you extensively he/she can maintain a grasp of the technical details regarding his/her disease/injury/sickness be suspicious, and remember to always be positive with your patients. The power of nature, and the mind to balance the body can be quite impressive, and when you see good outcomes, it will help balance out the terrible things you see on a daily basis. I respect you for standing in the trenches, and trying to make a difference. Perhaps one day I will be able to join you again in the trenches.

To those who are suffering with Crohns and have had terrible/extensive problems with treatments, as well as poor outcomes I know what you are going through, and it sucks. I have found it is better for me if I can maintain as much of a mental hold over my illness, and surroundings as possible; however that is not always possible. I have found that getting with the right doctors, or in those cases where NEW doctors have been suddenly thrust upon me, a good rap session even a couple of hours with the physician opens the door for potentially better treatment . I have found educating the physician, if I can, is helpful. Sometimes though it is difficult to educate the atypical physician, and you must deal with it. This is where keeping as strong of a psychic hold over my illness helps a great deal. I have found coping skills have much to do with our outcomes, and ANYTHING that could potentially undermine said skills should be treated like the enemy they are. I have found it is hard and almost impossible, in the real world to succeed with a disability such as Crohns disease. Kudos to those of us who are working fulltime jobs and dealing with the BS from the Crohns disease.

Thanks for stopping by. This is my offering to you for the day, a blessing, as the dew in meadow let your problems be.





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