Why I am Voting For President Obama

I know this is a bit late for me to go on record endorsing a candidate for President, but I had many things to contemplate, before I made my final decision. The endorsement of Obama/Biden, by Secretary of State, Former Chairman of The Joint Chiefs, General Colin Powell, as well as the following reasons, have been the determining factors, in my vote for Obama/Biden, and my full endorsement, of the ticket.

One of the things I had to be very sure of was that I would not vote for someone because I do not like the religion, of the other. I had a very bad experience with the Mormon faith, and my only blood related son was stolen from me by my Mormon ex-wife. I wanted to ensure my vote was not a vote based on irrationality, but a vote well thought out. I got over the Mormon religion question by asking myself, if this were my Mormon son running for President, would I want people to not vote for him solely because he is a Mormon? The answer is obviously no. Moreover, in this nation, we have a thing called a constitution guaranteeing the rights of individuals, to freedom of religion. I swore a life long oath to support, and defend the Constitution, of The United States. I cannot, and will not base my vote on a person’s choice of religion, or lack thereof.

My decision to vote for, and support Barack Obama, for President, has been well thought out. I have shaken off the voices, of the fear mongers, who shrieked in 2008, if we voted for Obama, we would lose our nation. First of all, I do not know who “we” are, cause I am not one of “we”, I am an American. Additionally, the last time I checked, the Constitution is still in effect, and Americans enjoy freedom people around the world would gladly die for, to bequeath to their children. Barack Obama, and Joe Biden were elected in 2008, and the world has not ended, nor has the United States of America, nor have the rights, and freedoms all Americans cherish.

The Affordable Care Act means a great deal to me to. Not because I am without insurance. I am well covered, insurance wise, due to my service to my country. It means so much to me because of what it represents. It represents a chance for millions of Americans who are too poor, or who have pre-existing conditions to get, and keep health insurance, thereby securing access to doctors, hospitals, medications, and other healthcare needs. My sister, her name is Joyce, died at the age of 38 because of a lack of health insurance. She wanted to, and did work; however, no one would give her health insurance because she had crohns disease, just like I do. She could not afford the premiums, for even basic health insurance. Yes, she could go to the Emergency Room, and she did go to the Emergency Room, but that is not the place to manage a chronic disease that is very severe. In spite of making good money, and working in the healthcare industry, she was unable to get the medications needed to manage her severe crohns disease. She  could not afford to see a Primary Care doctor, on a regular basis either. For sure she could not afford to see a specialist. She died as a result of intra-abdominal hemoraging, of blood, en route to the hospital, in an ambulance. She bled to death because she did not have access to regular healthcare. I know this because I have internal bleeding with my crohns, and it almost killed me, but because I saw a doctor regularly, it was caught in time. I have been undergoing regular treatments for the past five years. A simple blood test, at a routine appointment, could have caught this early on; however, she could not do this because she had no health insurance. The Republicans are saying they will repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and give us something better. They tell the truth when they say they will repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), yet the lie when they say they will replace it with something better. The Republicans will do nothing, for the health, and welfare, of the working poor, the sick, and people with pre-existing conditions, to attain quality affordable healthcare. How many more people will have to die? One is too many. The Republicans say Obama weakened Medicare by taking money from it to start funding the ACA. That is another lie. I know firsthand Medicare is working better now than it ever has. I have had Medicare since I became disabled, in 1998. When the Part D Prescription Plan was made law, it left many financially insecure (poor) disabled, and seniors unable to pay the upfront costs, for their medications. July of this year I had a severe infection, was in a private hospital, and had to be given a prescription for Vancomycin. The doctor was worried because historically Medicare Part D leaves the patient with a $400.00 gap to cover with Vancomycin. When I filled my prescription, at a private pharmacy, I was only charged a co-pay of 3 of 4 bucks, not the $400.00 people had to pay before the ACA, and the elimination of waste from Medicare. President Obama, and the ACA have made Medicare work better, by eliminating waste. The Republicans are swearing up, and down Medicare was raided, and ruined. The only thing that happened were those who make more on retirement, or disability, and/or have access, to assets, making them richer, are being required, to pay, their fair share. That is only fair. They can afford it. If their prescription drug costs get beyond a certain amount, they are not required to pay the same large percentage. These benefeciaries get a break when their mecication costs reach the catostrophic range, which for a person who is rich, is a drop in the perverbial bucket. I cannot believe Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan are using this lie, and making it a wedge issue. What troubles me more is some people will believe it.

We are out of Iraq, and are working on getting out of Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden is dead. Instead of being the foreign policy failure the Republicans said he would be, Barack Obama has conversely handled foreign affairs quite well. I thought he would have had a learning curve, but apparently he is a quick study, and has handled things as good as, if not better than the previous administration. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, is out of touch with who our current enemies are, and may drag us into military adventures, in far flung places. Romney said Russia is one of our main enemies. We may not be able to trust them very much, but they are not a major enemy anymore. The Cold War is over. I fought in it, as did millions of others from 1946, to the 1990s. By the way, we won. Can someone please tell this to Governor Romney, and Representative Ryan? Furthermore, with the way Romney acted when he went overseas recently, inflaming allies, and creating problems everwhere he went, I am scared of the prospect of him handling our foreign affairs.

Last points. Looking back into history we have not had an economic collapse, of this magnitude, since the Great Depression. While it is not as bad as that was, it could have been had quick action not been taken, to shore up the banks, the auto industry, as well as other areas of the economy. Were mistakes made? Yes, but at least something was being done. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) tried many things, some worked, some did not. He said it was like a Football Game, and if one play did not work, we had to try another. Eventually we came out of the Great Depression, and we are eventually pulling out of the Great Recession, even as I write this blog entry. Will we have more bumps in the road? Yes, especially with the havoc Super Storm Sandy has thrown at the Northeast, but we will recover. This is not the time to change teams. I sincerely believe we will  all be better off if we re-elect Barack Obama.

I watched a documentary about FDR today. As our nation, and our people suffered tremendously, during the Great Depression, the Republicans were advocating for the end of Social Security, the WPA, and all of the other programs that helped pull our nation out of those horrible times, and have left a safety net, for future generations, so things do not get to the point of a Great Depression again. Just think about it. If the Republicans had their way back in the 1930s, America would have no safety net. No social programs to help those who fall on hard times, or who are not the rich, not the well-born, nor the able. America would be a worse place, if we did not have the safety nets enacted under FDR, and other Presidents, and Congresses.

As for our current Congress, especially the House of Representatives, they have obstructed the people’s business solely for the purpose of defeating Obama, in the General Election. They have  all been crying about how bad the economy is, yet none of the Republicans, in the House of Representatives, have compromised, for the good of the American people, to make things better. The House has voted, to repeal the Affordable Care Act, 30 plus times, knowing the bill will fail in the Senate, yet the Republicans in the House have not reached across the aisle to effect legislation, for the good, of those Americans still struggling. President Obama cannot sign legislation into law unless it is passed, in the Legislative Branch. For legislation to pass, compromise must take place. This  failure to put partisan bickering aside, is bordering on treason, and is definitely hypocritical, when they blame it all on President Obama.

There it is.  Lies, borderline treason, and hypocrisy. These are some of the reasons I am not voting for Mitt Romney, and will be voting for Barack Obama.

Vote as you please, but please vote. Many have sacrificed their lives, to give you the right to vote. Please exercise your right, whether you agree with me, or not.




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4 responses to “Why I am Voting For President Obama

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    Hi Mark, I agree wirh you on many points. Your observations are clear and to the point. My simple stance on things is that we must work together–Democrats and Republicans, and this name-calling played up against Obama is disrespectful at best.

    United, we stand. Divided, we fall. We must come together as a country and work these things out.

    • Yes, we must come together, as Americans, and work things out for the good of the nation. Any politician, on the left, or the right, unwilling to run to the middle, to avert the fiscal cliff, is not a Patriot. The solution to our problems must come from both sides, and become a centrist viewpoint all members of the House, and Senate can espouse.

  2. thank you for your service and for stepping up to vote. i appreciate both.

    • Your welcome! Some days I have lots of regrets, because of my ill health, but most days, the regrets are there, but outweighed by something as simple as a thank you, from someone like you.



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