Was 9-11-01 A Conspiracy? – Questions Needing Answers

Hey everyone. Recently, I have had a lot of  extra time on my hands. Time I have obviously needed, and thus far used to rest/re-charge, and study via video medium, and my favorite medium of all, books.

After the incidents of September 11, 2001, I have heard many conspiracy theories, and being a good soldier, could not see how my government, which I swore a life long oath to could be involved in such a thing; however, I left myself open to the possibility of rogue elements enacting such a plan for various reasons, including at the behest of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). The MIC wields tremendous amounts of power, in our government, and no party is immune.

Tonight’s topic of study was the events of 9-11-01. I decided to listen to the other side, the side many, including me, have labeled the conspiracy side. The totality of the information presented me, has got the old wheels in my head turning.

Here are several items that piqued my interest:

1: The discovery of nano thermite, by an independent lab, from samples taken by a concerned citizen. For those who do not know what this substance is, it is a very powerful, and very hot form of thermite. The samples tested (already been through the explosion, fire, and collapse) were off the charts for their heat producing capability.

2) I have heard structural engineers say the building fell in on itself due to the way it was designed. After looking at many slow motion videos, I can clearly see what looks like smaller explosions shooting out the lower portions, of both towers; furthermore, the buildings imploded the way buildings do when a demolition team takes down a building. It is on record, the center steel structure of the building underwent renovations, to strengthen it. This could have very well been a cover to place nano thermite based charges. I do not know, but someone does, and they will speak out one day, if this indeed was plotted within our own government.

3) The steel from the towers, most of it was sent over seas and sold at bargain prices. Someone may not have wanted this stuff to be looked at closer. I thought it was used domestically to build war ships, and make memorials. I learned very little it was used in such endeavours. Some was, but not much.

4) World Trade Center 7, which was a disaster recovery, and command center used by the city, state, and federal government imploded as if a demolition team had wired the building.  This building also housed the inspection, and work reports, on the work done to the trade centers, as well as being the home to one of the investigating agencies the government hired to explain away  why the towers imploded, as if it were a planned demolition. One of the survivors, of this building has gone on record saying there were explosions popping off in the building. He was rescued. After he gave his second statement about the explosions, on television, he has disapeared, no where to be found, no trace. This is all very queer, in my opinion.

5) The very same day these events took place our military, including NORAD were participating in exercises on what to do if a plane hit a sky scraper, and if the Pentagon were attacked; furthermore, the person who flew the plane into the Pentagon hit it exactly at an area that had been recently reinforced to withstand a hit by an airplane, and this was the ONLY area that had been renovated in such a way.

6) All of the local responders, to the crash of the last airplane, in Pennsylvania, noted how their was hardly any wreckage, for such a large plane, and the crater just did not seem the right size. Looking through other plane crashes, some of which were blown up in the air, the debris fields for those planes were much larger than this one. This is inexplicable.

I am not saying definitively this was an internal conspiracy, but I do believe the American people need to bring up these, and all the other pieces of the puzzle that do not fit, and demand answers. If we have had a coup, this would be tragic. Look at the Patriot Act which has led to us surrendering much of our rights to privacy, and consider the recent passage, and enactment of a law allowing the United States Military to arrest American citizens, here in the states, and hold them with no access to the courts. Taking all of this into account, if it is true 9-11-01 was perpetrated from the inside, of our government, for whatever reason (I suspect weapons, and power, if it be true), we are in a bad way. I pray it be to the contrary, but until I can satisfy my mind on the points I have brought up, along with some other valid points, I will be worried for our rights as American citizens, and the use of our military, in far-flung places.

My heart, and prayers are always for those who lost loved ones on that dreadful day, and for those who have lost loved ones, or had loved ones injured in the subsequent wars. I am in no way trying to diminish their sacrifices.



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