My Jaguars Journal – Jaguars vs Packers – An Upset???

These are the times that try the loyalty of Jacksonville Jaguar fans. After the penalty filled, injury riddled, poorly coached game against Oakland last week, I do not have very high hopes for the Jags getting a win today against the Green Bay Packers.

Even though my hopes are not high, for this game, I do see opportunities, for individual players, to shine. Maurice Jones – Drew will not play. He has a foot injury. Who knows if this injury could have been prevented had Mr. Jones – Drew not held out of the entire training camp, and been on the same timing/page the rest of the team is on. All things considered, Rashad Jennings came in, took over for Jones – Drew, and looked good, for a back up, scoring a touchdown, to boot. I see an opportunity to Mr. Jennings to show his skills today. He is on the same page as the rest of the team, knows the playbook, and is a talented running back who has been held back by the dominance of Jones – Drew. Today he will not be in that shadow, and should have a good day. If I had a fantasy team, and were struggling at running back, I would give him a shot.

Another area of opportunity is for the defense to pin their ears back, and not only hold the Packers down, but be the determining factor, in an upset win. I expect the front four to go after Aaron Rogers, and give him a run for his money. If the defense can stay in his face, keep him rattled, and sack him hard, like so many other teams have done to our Quarterback, we can make Rogers a non factor. The back 7 need to fly around, hit hard, contain the run, disrupt the pass, and create turnovers. If all of this comes together, and we can stop the big play, the Jaguars have a chance to win, regardless of the injuries to a few of the starting back 7 (LB,CB,S).

The offense has a chance to shock the jockocracy with an upset win. We know the Jaguars have the big play in their arsenal. It is great to be able to run the ball, and Jennings should do a great job; however, the Jaguars need to open it up with vertical passing, and make more big plays. Justin Blackmon has a chance to use those big hands, his talent for snatching the ball out of the air, snatching the ball out of a defenders hands, and his game speed, to be a difference maker. Look for Blackmon to get more looks, and hopefully some completions, to run down the field. Cecil Shorts seems to have the appetite, and skills, for the big play. Lets not forget this, and use it to our advantage. Marcedes Lewis needs to become a factor in this game. He has been mostly invisible this year. Today he needs to show his talent, and make some plays. Having an effective Tight End, actually getting the ball, and doing something with it causes the opposing defense alter their schemes, opening up other areas of the field. The Jags need Lewis to be effective today. The Offensive Line needs to protect Blaine Gabbert, and open holes for Rashad Jennings. No exceptions.

Special teams the time is now to break some returns for touchdowns. I liked the succesful onside kick last week. Kicker Josh Scobee has surpassed former Jags kicker Mike Hollis in field goals. Our new punter, Anger, is a great punter. He will be a factor in every game he plays. I have never seen a punter as good as he is, and I have a feeling I am watching a future Hall of Fame punter. The bottom line for special teams, it may all come down to Josh Scobee’s leg, kicking a game winning field goal, in the final seconds.

This game will either be very close, or it will be a blow out. I suggest Jaguar fans prepare their paper bags now. Go ahead  cut the eye holes out now, and do not forget a breathing, and beer/iced tea drinking hole.

I hope we have some good football today, in the entire league. I have my television tuned in, and I am putting my eye glasses on.

Have a great day!



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