Israeli Apartheid – A Path to Genocide?

I use a search feature, for news updates, on certain topics. One of these topics is Israel. I found this summary from Asia News:

“ Tue, 23 Oct 2012 09:28 AM PDT
» by Joshua Lapide Most want to take away voting rights from Israeli Arabs and deny it to Palestinians in case the West Bank is annexed. They also want separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians and the separation of Jewish and Arab children. This “picture is a very, very sick one” for Israel.”

If this is true, it sickens me, and disturbs me deeply. After what the Jewish people have been through, in the course of their history, with Genocide, and Exclusionism, I have hopes, for better attitudes towards people who are different from them.

Genocide has killed more people than all the wars of the twentieth century. From the Turkish genocide of Armenians, Nazi Germany’s genocide of Jews, Hutus in Rwanda chopping up the totsies with machetes, Serbia massacring Bosnian Muslims, Guatemala’s army executing Mayans, and all the other genocides throughout Africa, it is crystal clear genocide is a cancer, on humanity. A cancer that must be excised, from our hearts, minds, and souls.

Genocide happens because we (the world) let it happen. The perpetrators of these atrocities do it because they know they can get away with it. All the UN does is talk while hundreds of thousands, even millions are butchered.

The sovereign state of Israel should exhibit better behavior because of what the Jewish people have been through, in Nazi Germany, with millions of them being killed just because they were Jewish. The killings did not happen over night. The intolerance, and exclusionism creeped up on those poor souls a little bit at a time. Jews who were citizens, of the German state, some of them Veterans of World War 1, became enemies, of the state. Points of views,  like the ones, in this news flash, led to the German state disenfranchising Jews, separating them, and to the genocide of millions.

I hope, and pray clearer heads prevail, and the beliefs described, in this article, are swiftly abandoned. Regardless of those who wish the destruction of Israel, and the Jewish race, the Jewish people need to take the high road, and not take the dark paths that lead to genocide.

I respect, and defend the right of Israel, and the Jewish people, to protect themselves, and their interests; however, when I see things like this article, I fear the darkness of genocide is dimming the light of humanity once again.

This blog entry is not complete without me pointing out the problems America is facing. With the terrorist attacks on the United States by Muslim extremists, it is becoming easy for Americans to group all Muslims together, hold them in contempt, and even hate them. We must be very careful, in our actions, words, and deeds, to not let the acts, of extremists, lead us down the dark paths of genocide, and exclusionism. We need to embrace those who are different from us, not hate them because they are different. We need to be aware our children hear what we  say, and see what we do. Prejudices are learned, we are not born prejudiced. Prejudice is a seed for genocide. We have the choice, to teach love, and tolerance, instead of hate, and intolerance.

We are all made in the image of God.



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