Product Review – CLEAR Stick Atlas – Is This Low Cost 4G For Real?

I do not write many endorsements, but when I do, one can rest assured I am not writing about a product, to take up blogging space.

When I moved into my new apartment, I must say everyone was very kind to me. They gave me a very nice practically new couch,  a microwave, a microwave table, a very nice table to put my television on, and they even gave me access to the nearest neighbor’s wireless internet connection. I am as happy as I can be, all things considered.

I was impressed with the neighbor allowing me internet access, but knew when things got better for me financially, right now that is projected to be the year 2238, nonetheless, I knew the first order of business was my own internet access.

For a couple of years now I have received snail mail, and flyers from CLEAR. Some of them caught my attention, like the free Android phones, but at that time, it was not doable. Last Thursday, I checked my snail mail, and I had a small flyer, from CLEAR, advertising unlimited 4G internet access, for $34.95 per month. Not having the best of vision, I could not make out the small print, so I called them.

WOW!! What a wonderful surprise was waiting for me, and as I spoke to a very nice representative, I became fully informed of how great this offer truly was, and now is.

They had several options available, but I went with the one best suited for me. It’s a device that plugs into the USB, on my laptop, and delivers unlimited 4G internet. My upfront costs, for shipping, AND the total cost for the CLEAR Stick Atlas was less than $65.00. They even gave me the first month’s service free! Better yet, NO CONTRACTS! As long as I make my monthly payment, I will continue to enjoy this wonderful service. I had it via Fed Ex on Saturday!

The installation was so easy a monkey could hook it up, and the service, as I already noted, is great. I stream movies from Netflix, send SMS messages, blog, surf the net (I do loads of reading/research), work on my photography, literally everything else I was doing before, at home, with AT&T, but for a fraction of the price. The speed, and reliability is also as good as the free Comcast internet my neighbor was letting me use. I am as happy as a lark!

I also like the fact I can take it on the road with me, and will be able to use it so long as CLEAR has a signal whereever I am at. With me being a city person (I love it), this is all I need. From what I understand, and have read, CLEAR has a large network, and it is expanding.

Many of you do not know this, but I worked on the internet when the Pentagon started letting certain elements of the army use it. Thirty years ago I had a laptop, with wireless remote access. This technology I am now using is the same. The only difference is this has all been miniaturized. I learned a hell of a lot about computers back in the US Army, and before I became too ill to work, I worked in a couple of civilian computer rooms, and installed Ramada Inn‘s, and Choice Hotel’s room reservation/inventory system, at the property level. I did so well at it, I was given several referrals, and made a nice chunk of change. It would not take much for me to learn all of the new hardware, and even learn to be a programmer, but my health will just not allow it. My hemotology doctor told me there is no reason I will not live a normal life-span, but I may as well face it, I will not be going back to work unless Iinvent something, or can find someone to let me work from home. Perhaps my writing will get better, and I may get paid to write some day. HAH!!

Here is the bottom line:

Product – CLEAR Stick Vista

Satisfaction – VERY satisfied! Works GREAT! Great price too!  I must note here had CLEAR’s representative not worked with me, I would not have been able to get anything. He bent over backwards, and reduced the up front price, to an amount I could afford. I know it cut into his comission, but that man was not letting me off the phone without my own internet access. I am very grateful. Good customer service is ever more difficult to come by these days. CLEAR got it right.

Would I recommend this product? – Definitely!





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2 responses to “Product Review – CLEAR Stick Atlas – Is This Low Cost 4G For Real?

  1. The Storriteller Post

    You know, and this is unsolicited ideas, there are many careers where you can work from home–specifically in the computer industry. Not the scam jobs stuffing envelopes!! I would use search terms like “work remotely” etc…many newspapers do this, as well as many online sites of all kinds. For example, The Huff Post has ads for Comment Moderators -it doesnt pay much but would be a great addition to any resume. Just throwing out ideas. You never know-you can apply as a columnist for or or even Hub Pages. Just brainstorming a bit…:) also with many computer testing jobs you can work from home. Or be a computer gamer tester-that always sounded fun to me!

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