My Jaguars Journal – Week 6 – Time To See A Shrink

Week 6 – National Football League, American Football Conference South, Jacksonville Jaguars, Everbank Field, Jacksonville, Florida:  The Jacksonville Jaguars are off this week. This is a good thing. The time off will give the team time, to reflect, on their problems, and time to  seek out solutions. I have a few items on my agenda, this week,  for whatever it is worth.

The offensive woes the Jaguars are going through are painful, to watch. I am sure they are even more painful, for these men, to go through. I do not think they have given up, nor do I think their performances, on the field, are indicative, of the level of talent, on the team; however, I do believe there is something else going on. Something deeper. Could a disgruntled player, or two, be the cause of the offensive woes? It is possible. When I look at who has the most reasons, to be disgruntled, I hate to write this, but Maurice Jones – Drew is at the top of the list. He has millions of reasons, to be disgruntled. He will still get his yards, but he has a high potential, to hurt the team, by fracturing the locker room. There are other players who could singularly divide the locker room too. I used Mr. Jones – Drew as an example, due to his hold out. Nonetheless, we could be seeing the beginnings, of a divided locker room. There are problems as proven by the results, on the field. This team has too much talent, to flop the way they have been doing, not just lose, but outright flop!  Send the Offense, to see a sports psychologist, or even a cadre, of regular, as well as sports psychologists. While we are at it, send the whole team. Whatever the poison is, our once feared defense has become infected too. Our defense, that as recently as last year was a highly rated defense is  a laughing-stock this year. The coach, GM, and owner need to participate in these psychological sessions too. Moreover, I have noticed owner Shad Khan‘s children/relatives around the players, after the game, in the locker room, and such. I know the kids want to learn Daddy’s business, but this is not the time for it. The guys have to watch what they say, and do, because little Khans will tell big Khan about any problems. Sometimes these guys just need to let it out. Having ownership around too much is a recipe for failure; look at the Dallas Cowboys, and how much Jerry Jones is around. When was the last time Dallas fielded a great team?

This is all I have for this week. Bottom line here, the entire team needs to see sports psychologists, and perhaps regular psychologists too, so as to see whats bugging them. It is also very important to remember,  just as the Bears will need help getting over the murder of their fan, in Jacksonville, at the Jacksonville Landing, the Jaguars need to deal with this too. My heart, prayers, and sympathies go out to the family, and loved ones of the murder victim. I hope the murderer gets the maximum punishments allowed by law.

Jags Fans, and Blog friends, as well as others just cruising through, Take Care of Yourself.  If you know someone who is struggling with illness, give them a call. You will be a blessing to them, and you may even feel better about yourself afterwards. You should feel better, because being a blessing to someone, even with something as simple as a phone call, can mean more than you will ever realise.

Take Care,



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