My Jaguars Journal – Week 5 – Bears Destroy Jagaurs – Bears Fan Stabbed at Jacksonville Landing

The Jacksonville Jaguars loss, in front of yet another sell out crowd, to the Chicago Bears, was the single worst day in team history. I have been a fan, from the beginning, and this game was a blow out. Yet another Jag Flop, for the record books.

During the first, and for most of the second quarter, the teams were locked up, 3 to 3, then something happened. What? I do not know. Perhaps Lovie Smith figured out the playbook Head Coach Mularkey was using, or more likely the Jaguars mistakes got the best of them (not a good day for 2nd year QB Blaine Gabbert). I also saw that the Bears outplayed them. The Chicago Bears came into our house, and like every team has done so far this season, man handled us.

We have a week off, to hit the re-set button, but I do not know if that will be enough. Historically speaking Jaguars teams under a new Head Coach have not exactly racked up the wins during that first season. New Coach, new Owner, and a young offense equals a rough year to be a Jaguars fan. Dont give up the ship though. Look around the league at the teams who have waited years to be where the Jaguars went under Coach Tom Coughlin. Between Coughlin’s great coaching, and ex-owner Wayne Weavers free spending, we put a good team on the field. It all caught up to us when the salary cap got to us, but man did we had a hell of a team. One thing is sure, GM Gene Smith’s blue light, dumpster diving specials, to fill out the roster, for a cheap owner (former owner Wayne Weaver) are not doing anything but taking up space. Our offensive line is a joke, and Blaine Gabbert will never develop into a good quarterback so long as he is not protected. Our so called great defense sure has fell apart. Face it, Mel Tucker needs to be his own man. If you are going to call him the Defensive Coordinator, unshackle him from Jack Del Rio’s playbook, and style, and let him run the defense the way he wants. He is a 3-4 coordinator, let him make it so, or free him from this sham of a defense.

I hope we can pull out at least a .500 season, and win the rest of our games, at home. It sucks for the fans, and players to have a blowout like was dealt us by the Bears last week.

Onto a much more serious note. My heart, prayers, and Christian sympathies go out to the family, and friends of the Chicago Bears fan who was stabbed to death after the game, at the Jacksonville Landing. This is a very tragic event. The perpetrator is not representative of the people of Jacksonville, and I just want to say I am so sorry. The citizens of Jacksonville will be insisting the city government come off the money so our very fine Sheriffs Office can enhance security, at these type places. I have not been to a bar, sports club, or pub, in years, so I really do not know what all is happening; however, I did work in the Hospitality Industry here in Jacksonville, when I left the Army, and know for sure off duty police officers are available, to be hired, for security, or even extra security. I am hoping the owner, of the place this happened at, had proper off duty police security. Bouncers cannot handle things when people are wielding knives, and other deadly weapons.

Take Care, and Be Careful



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