Another Flare of Crohns & Pancreatitis – This Is Crazy

Today is not such a good day. I woke up in the middle of the night, at the end of my first sleep, with incredible pain, in my abdomen. I took medications prescribed for this, to alleviate, and mitigate the problems causing the pain, but all it did was keep it from getting worse. I never got back into the rhythm of my second sleep, and I was looking forward to it.

My Crohns is flaring up, along with my pancreas. It is inflamed, again, so on top of a Crohns flare, I have pancreatitis. It is not bad enough yet, to go to the hospital, and I hope it does not get that bad. I was planning on getting the money to pay my rent here, but they will just have to understand that I cannot function, in society, when I am having these types of problems. This would not be a problem if I got paid for writing about it. 😉 Being able to write at all is a good sign I may be able to stay out of the hospital.

I am truly surprised the stress of everything I am going through has not done me in, health wise, already. I am grateful it has not. I have bunches of stuff to do. Finish unpacking, get money for rent, go food shopping, change address with all the companies I do business with. However, I am taking it easy, not eating anything, and pushing the Gatorade, in the hopes I will snap out of this today, hopefully this afternoon.

Someone made a comment they do not understand why I write about such personal things in my blog. I do this because I want other people, in circumstances similar to mine,  to know they are not alone. I also write about the problems I confront as a disabled veteran, a person with crohns, and other health problems because it is therapeutic for me to do so. I am not going to apologise for writing about the problems I have. They are very real, and very hard to deal with. I am always broke because my disability check is not very much, not even for one person. Since I have limited means, I have to get out of myself somehow, hence this blog. In the 25 years I have struggled with illness, I have never had a major collection taken up to help me defray the costs I incur. On a couple of very rare occasions I have had someone give me a few bucks. I am not a beggar, but even if I were, people would make a snap decision, and not give me a penny. This blog is my tool for good mental hygiene, and to educate others about the struggles the walking wounded go through.

As for the people who say this blog is hard to read. Do not jump to conclusions when reading my home page that all I do is talk about Crohns Disease, neuropathy, Chronic Multifactorial Pain Syndrome, Permanent Scarring, Arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone mineral loss, loss of bone mass, spondylosis of the back, bulging/herniated discs, nerve damage, chronic blood loss w/ iron deficient anemia, requiring at a minimum, monthly iron infusions, and even more problems than I can remember, or even care to list.

Please look through my blog, and you will see  I cover many different topics, including, but not limited to, Art, Black History, Civil War, Creative Writing, Crime, Humor, Local Florida News, Nature, Poetry, Political, Spiritual, Sports, Veterans Issues, and Weather.

Thanks to all who stop by, and read my blog. Thanks to all who pray for me. I really need extra prayers, at this time of high stress, in my life. I am doing my best to stay out of the hospital, and your prayers, and well wishes do a whole lot to lift me up.





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2 responses to “Another Flare of Crohns & Pancreatitis – This Is Crazy

  1. The Storriteller Post

    Hi there, Mark! I hope you are feeling better. And don’t worry about what others think. If we all did, we’d never get anywhere in life! Here’s a book that changed my life/health. Of course, I’m not saying it’s the Be-All, End-All, but it has sound science behind it and is fairly interesting. Maybe a tad overboard, but just an idea – now, don’t be thrown off by the title – it’s called “Sexy Forever” but it’s really just a book about how nutrition and some allergies to certain foods (research gluten) can really hurt us. Again, I’m not saying it’s anything you don’t already know (you have a LOT of medical information on your blog and you have done your homework), but even if one or two things help you feel better (I want you to feel better!), it might be worth checking out. It’s Suzanne Somers (Again, don’t be thrown off – I know a lot about nutrition, and she knows her stuff), and it’s very interesting.

    • Thank you very much for the words of encouragement. I need them today, bunches. I have had a very difficult day, bathroom, and pain wise. If this continues into tomorrow I will go to the hospital.

      Thanks for the tip about the book by Suzanne Somers. I will definitely look into it. I am always looking for ways to make things better without a doctors prescription. I have eliminated many types of food from my diet, and increased others, specifically high protein, low residue food. I have to keep the potassium up, due to a tendency for hypokolemia, and I have to be careful because of the inability of my system to absorb certain vitamins, and minerals, so anything about nutrition, is on my list to be read.

      Thanks again, and I am looking forward to the special, on your blog tomorrow, about single word named places to eat, and drink.



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