My Jaguars Journal – Week 3 Vs Colts – WE WON!!!!

Jaguars Blaine Gabbert to Cecil Shorts Game Winning TD over the Colts - Courtesy Jaguars All Access

Of course I was watching the Jaguars’ vs Colts game on CBS yesterday, and I have to confess a few things. Going into the 2nd quarter, when we were down 14 – 3, I started getting that old sinking feeling again. I thought to myself, “here we go again, fall apart Jags, another jag flop”. I turned off the television, and went to my mothers’ home for a visit. On the way there, I halfway listened to the game on the radio, and really did not have high hopes. I spent most of halftime at my moms, and from there I went to Wal – Mart. I joked around with several of the shoppers, noting how busy it was, that the Jags must be losing. I finished my shopping, noting loudly to the cashier that their were too many “honkys” in the store. (i am white), and we all got a laugh out of my comment, white and black.

When I got home I put my groceries (Gatorade) away, and turned on the television. Man! What a ride! The last part of the game was amazing. It was as if I was not even watching the same team. When the Jags kicked the field goal to go up, and the Colts returned the favor, coming over the Jags a little bit in the score, I was on the edge of my seat. I expected the Jags to get into field goal range, and for Scobee to kick the game winning field goal, as he has done so often for the Jags. I was stunned when Blaine Gabbert threw a bullet over the middle to Cecil Shorts, and he actually caught it, and ran for the TOUCHDOWN, putting the Jags on top by 5 with the failed two point conversion.  The Colts came out, and their Luck ran out! THE JAGUARS WON! 22 – 17!!!

Now I have a personal note to I watched your top 5 catches, passes, or whatever you call it. I did watch it. Just finished doing so, and I must say not having the Blaine Gabbert to Cecil Shorts catch and run for a touchdown to win the game for the Jags baffles me, and I think you made a huge mistake not putting it up. Having said that, please keep ignoring us so the Jacksonville Jaguars can sneak up on all the teams they play!




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