My Jaguars Journal – Impressions on Jones-Drew Return


Jones_Drew Hittin da Hole

Hittin da Hole Against The Chiefs at Home

Maurice Jones-Drew has decided to end his holdout. As a Jaguar fan I am happy, yet a bit worried. We practically have a new team, with new coaches, new owner, and a new offensive system. Jones-Drew’s holdout, and return may be an impediment, instead of a plus. As Fred Taylor reportedly told him, “you better be ready when you come back”.

One of the main concerns I have with such a long hold out is an injury. He could have an injury he is hiding, and will go down in the first game, or two, or he may be out right injured because he was nowhere to be found when this young team was getting their timing down pat in the off-season. No player is so great he can miss OTAs, and the preseason, come in, quickly learn a new system, get his timing down pat, have the team adjust their timing to him, and start making plays that make a difference.

Maurice Jones-Drew has a tendency to leave yards, and most importantly TOUCHDOWNS on the field. He had a chance to work through that this year with a great group of young players. He blew it with his holdout.

Maurice Jones-Drew is going to cost the Jaguars some games this season due to his holdout, not getting a new contract, and the bad attitude that comes with a scenario such as this.

The Jaguars will be smart to bench him through 5 games, to make sure his mind, and body are in the right place, and right frame.

All The Best, Go Jaguars!



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