My Jaguars Journal – Jones-Drew Contract Dispute

With the pre-season at the halfway mark, and the Jacksonville Jaguars closing up training camp today, the outlook for Maurice Jones – Drew to play in the season opener is bleak. Jones – Drew is in a contract dispute with the team. In case you have been on another planet, or asleep for past several months, I wanted to advise you of this before going any further. Now that we have that settled, I have a few things to say about this.

I could care less about Jones – Drew’s contract, and as the team takes the field this pre-season, I am caring even less each day, if he holds out, for the entire year. Maurice’s anger with the team does not hold water with me. He wants more money because everyone else is making more money. Forget that he still has two years left on his contract, and he has already been paid over $17,000,000.00, in up front money. No, he has decided to hold out, and pout, like a child. I guess he was one of those kids who if they did not get their way, they would take all of their toys, and go home.

This is the wrong time to pick this fight. The Jaguars have a new owner, and a new coaching staff. This is the time to impress, not be a cry baby. They say first impressions are lasting impressions. Maurice Jones-Drew is making a horrible first impression. In fact he has not even met Head Coach Mike Mularkey face to face yet. What does Mr. Jones-Drew expect the team to do? We have a new quarterback, going through his very first OTAs, and a new Head Coach installing a new system. Now is not the time for this dispute. Jones-Drew was counting on the team to give him what he wants because of these factors. He was counting on the wrong things.

I have a hard time taking the side of Maurice Jones-Drew. I have gone for a very long time without a raise, and the raises I have gotten, combined with ALL the money I am being paid  will never equal what Mr. Jones-Drew is  making, yet when the team needs to sell tickets, I manage to scratch up enough to buy one, even if I have to borrow the money at 30% interest a month. No one is advocating on my behalf, and even if they were, when my team needs me, I am there. I have been there, am there, and will be there, so long as I am physically able.

Maurice Jones-Drew needs to show up before his roster position is filled, and the team moves so far ahead of him he will be a hinderance, instead of a help.




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