New Things Coming To This Space – SOON!!!

I am seriously considering adding a second page, to my blog. It will be titled, “Page 2”. I know, why add a page when I do not write regularly, on page one? My writing, or lack thereof, has much to do with my style, and technique. If I am not inspired to write, have not a good topic, and force something onto the page, it sucks! I am the type needing a bit of inspiration to bang out a decent story, on my laptop. I know, the rule is write, write, and write some more, even if you have to force it. I do not like rules.

Regarding page two, I plan to utilize guest writers, covering a wide range of topics. My wife will be writing the first entry. Anyone wanting to submit a page two article, please send me a message. I will be writing on there too. I need to better define page 1, and perhaps will filter the remainder over to page two, and…..

A page 3 is in the works too. I plan to use it for off beat stuff,  weird news, some of me photography (I got a NEW camera), and to put a joke, or three, along with some funny stories, written by yours truly.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come!




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2 responses to “New Things Coming To This Space – SOON!!!

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