Coping With Crohns – Pancreatitis – Bad Treatment At St. Vincents, Jacksonville, Florida

Coping with Crohns; I often ponder these words, thinking about a book, in which I could describe how I cope with Crohns, then I snap back to reality, and remember someone has already written a book using that title. I then consider what those words mean to me, especially when I am having difficulties. Right now, I am having problems with my crohns disease, and the totality, of the toll, it is, and has, taken on my body. A toll which continues to add up.

A few years ago I started having problems with my pancreas. If anyone reading this has ever had pancreatitis you know it is a very painful ordeal. I would venture to say it is as painful as an intestinal blockage, of which I have had my share. The best way to describe the pain is it feels like I swallowed a basketball. My gut is tender on the left side, and I cannot take deep breaths because it hurts too much. I was having flares of it every 2-3 mos, then it went to every 6 mos, then to once a year, and now I have went 15 months without having a severe flare of pancreatitis, until yesterday. 

I am having an attack of pancreatitis right now, and am weighing my options to check into the hospital, or stay home, and suffer. The only thing holding me back, from the hospital, is I was treated like garbage the last time I went into the LOCAL hospital – Saint Vincents Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida. It is too painful for me to travel the 60 miles to the Veterans Hospital, so I have to go local, if I go at all. The only reason I even go to the hospital, for the pancreatitis, is to have the pain treated. There is nothing they can do for me, at the hospital, I cannot do here at home, except they can give me something stronger, for pain. The type of pancreatitis I have is called “idiopathic” pancreatitis. It is not cancer, or anything else they can nail down. It just up, and flares up, for no reason. I take enzymes to aid my digestion, but these only go so far. Anyway, back to the crappy treatment I received at Saint Vincents Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida. The second day I was there, during my last hospitalization, I was still having horrible pain. The doctor sent one of his minions into my room, to tell me they found a cyst, on my pancreas. No details as to the nature of it, just that they found it. I had been ringing the nurses station for pain meds, and asked this person (NP) the doc sent in, if my pain meds were to stay the same. She said yes, and immediately left the room, before I could tell her they were not working, so I hit the call button again, and asked the nurses station, for my pain meds. The next thing that happened was the Hospitalists over my case, Dr. Todd Scott, MD, barged into my room ranting, and raving “You are addicted to Dilada!!! If my partner were here, and saw how much pain medication you were on he would discharge you!!”. I got really upset over this unprofessional behaivior. First of all, I never asked for the darn stuff, they picked it, for my pain treatment. Second of all, they were giving it me in my IV, and it did not last no more than 45 mins, and they know this. The Third most important thing for me is I DO NOT take dilada at home, and even my Veterans Administration Doctor said, since I did not take it at home, there is no way I could be addicted to it. I challenged the doctor right then, and there that since his partner felt I did not need to be, in the hospital, to discharge me right then. Well, the chicken shit did not discharge me, and he finally asked me what I thought would work best for my pain. I told him the course of treatment they used the last time. He went with that, and changed my IV pain med to a shot, but only ordered ONE shot. The regimen I was being put on would take 24-36 hrs to start working (pain patch), and that asshole left me to lay, in bed, writhing in pain, when the ONE pain shot he ordered wore off. I asked for something to treat my pain until the patch kicked in, and was not only told no, but the doctor would not even come into my room. Dr. Todd Scott knew the darn patch would not have any effect for a day, or two, but he wanted to show me who the big man was, who was in charge.

I could have understood all of this better, if the hospital was not familiar with my case, and the problem I was having was one of those gray areas. They knew me well, knew for a fact I have been sick for 25 years, and have a high tolerance to pain meds; furthermore, I am allergic, to many types of medications, including an entire class of pain meds, so my options are limited. This is how it is for me, and nothing can be done to change it. Ask any doctor if pancreatitis is painful, and they will give you a definite yes. Dr. Todd Scott, at Saint Vincents Hospital failed to get to know my case. Dr. Todd Scott, at St. Vincents Hospital took advantage of his position, and let a personality difference cause him to allow a patient to suffer needlessly. Dr. Todd Scott, AND Saint Vincents Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida failed all the way around, in my treatment. They knowingly, and willingly let me suffer, and this is why I will stay home, and die before I ever go back to Saint  Vincents Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida.

Thanks for stopping by. This is one of the ways I cope with crohns, writing about bad doctors, and bad hospitals, so that others can be warned before going there. The reason I have called out the hospital, and doctor is they are currently running commercials on TV about how compassionate their employees are, and how great of a hospital they are. This blog entry is a contrasting point of view, of St. Vincent’s Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida current television commercials.

Take Care,


P.S. Here is the unbelievable part. I can find NO liscense for this doctor in the state of Florida. Moreover, when I got the bill, I saw where he charged my insurance extra for our little exchange. I called my insurance company, and reported it as fraud. He quit billing me. I am going to look deeper into this when I start feeling better.




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