Jaguars Update – Mid May 2012

The last I wrote about the Jacksonville Jaguars they had just drafted WR Blackmon in the first round. We have had a few things happen since then, so it is time for me to write something about them.

I hope everyone has finally stopped laughing at us for drafting a punter in the 3rd round. Yeah, it is not a move teams make very often, but there was a reason for it. The Jags did not have a 4th round pick, the need is there, and they felt this guy would be gone by the 5th round; hence the selection of Bryan Anger, in the 3rd round. The team is hoping Mr. Anger will be  good enough to be with them for many seasons, even his entire career.  With the punter problems we had last season, it is my hope Mr. Anger will pan out, and be the long-term solution at this spot the team needs. I just have one bit of advice for Mr. Anger – Do not chop any wood. Any long time Jags fan can’t help but remember the wood chopping incident of 2003, when Pro Bowl Punter Chris Hanson gashed his leg with an ax, in the team’s locker room, with an ax placed there by ex Jags coach Jack Del Rio, along with a piece of wood, with the mantra “Keep Chopping Wood”. Someone should have seen that coming and replaced that mantra with “Accident Waiting to Happen”.  Mr. Anger, please, please, do not keep chopping wood, just show up, and use your skills to be the best damned punter the Jaguars have ever had!

There is much speculation about two players who have not showed up to work out with the team yet. We need to rememberer the current off season programs  are voluntary then we can opine.

Lets start with Kicker Josh Scobee. He has been given the franchise tag this season, and is reportedly not showing up because he wants a long-term deal. If there is any player on the team deserving a long-term deal it is Josh Scobee. He has to be one of the best kickers I have ever seen play the game, and with the elite skills he possesses the Jaguars need to do all they can to keep him happy. How many times has he pulled us out of tight spots? Too many to mention. Furthermore, he is one heck of a nice guy, and is an excellent team spokesman. Mr. Smith, Mr. Khan, pay the man, he deserves it!

Maurice Jones – Drew is next on the list of players who have not shown up for the voluntary team activities. He is doing the same thing he did last year. He is working out in California. Seeing how he was the leagues leading rusher last season, I would not mess with his obviously successful formula. Jags fans need to remember Fred Taylor working out in South Florida, and not showing up for the early voluntary team activities. We had no problem with him doing it, so we should have no problem with Jones – Drew doing it. There is speculation that he is unhappy with his contract due to several other Running Backs being paid more than him. Right now it is just speculation because Jones – Drew has not commented on it. He is in the final 2 years of his contract. We will just have to wait and see. Seeing how much he brings to the team, he may ask for more money, but until he does we will not know.

Last item on my agenda is Defensive Tackle Terrance Knighton, aka “Pot Roast”. Mr. Knighton was injured in a bar fight last month. His friend was on the losing side of a fight, and he stepped in to get him out of the place when someone hit him over the head with a beer bottle. He wound up with glass in his eye, and lost vision in one eye. The doctors have been able to restore his vision partially, and it is expected to come back completely; however, Pot Roast will miss the entire off-season program. He held a news conference yesterday, and started it with an apology to the fans, the city, and the team. I am glad to hear he is apologetic, even though it is not his fault someone hit him in the head with a beer bottle. I hope he makes a full recovery. This season was supposed to be his best season per his own words. That was before all of this happened. We will just have to see how he looks when he lines up to play. Last season he was over weight, and the Jags did not get consistent play from him. He knows as much, and has said as much. His pledge was this is to be a turn around year. With all he has going against him he will be fortunate to be able to play. I hope he makes it back, and becomes a phenom at that Defensive Tackle position.

There are still many questions about the Jags capabilities, and many of them are yet to be answered. I was wanting more out of the draft, but considering the quality of this draft class I think we did a good job. I thought we scored a B, and everything I have read about it is in agreement with my grade.  I hope our Draft Picks, Free Agent pick ups, and our core group of players will answer the questions about this team, by getting into the playoffs, going far, perhaps even to the Big Dance. I need to be careful not to get too far ahead of myself.   Now it is up to the coaches to bring this group together, and get them to execute as a team.







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