Secret Service To Investigate Nugent Over Obama Comments – Election 2012

The recent inflammatory comments, by Ted Nugent, at a National Rifle Association convention were a bit too much. Nugent is quoted saying, if Obama wins the election, he (Nugent) will either be “dead or in jail.”.  Speaking about the Obama administration, Nugent goes on to say “We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November” . He says he qualified each remark with a reference to these things being done in the ballot booth, in November. It is no real surprise to me that Mitt Romney has not had much to say about Nugent’s comments. Romney was in attendance at this same NRA convention.

When I take all the vitriol I hear on the occasions I tune into talk radio, and add this to it, I clearly see how things could get out of hand easily. We have Bortz, Limbaugh, and Hannity whipping their audiences into a frenzy, Rush Limbaugh has went so far as to say no Republican member of Congress should compromise with any Democrat, for the sole reason of defeating President Barack Obama, in November. All of these so-called conservative talk shows are nothing but a stage to bash President Obama, Democrats, and anyone who disagrees with the viewpoint of the speaker. I think it is all a bit over the top, and could lead some deranged person, or persons to try an attack on the President, or another Democratic figure. The demonizing of the Democratic party has reached a fever pitch, and it sickens me.

The Democrats are responsible for saying some things that are beyond the pale too, but the Conservative talk masters have turned Obama/Democrat bashing  into a 24 hr a day, 7 day a week ordeal.

It is high time the rhetoric is tuned down; however, I feel it will only get worse as the November general election nears. Having witnessed the deep pocketed Romney campaign team criticize, and belittle their opponents, in Florida, pretty much non stop until the primary, I foresee a bitter campaign for the Presidency. Romney has shown himself more than willing to spend any amount, bombarding the television channels, and radio frequencies with negative advertizing. During the primary in Florida, one was hard pressed to see a Romney ad stating what he would do for America. In my humble opinion, Romney will go so far to get the Presidency, he will outright buy it with his billions via negative attacks.

I want to hear what these men are going to do to make America a greater nation than it already is. I want to know how they are going to handle the myriad of problems we are facing, and have been up against for a very long time. I do not want to hear Romney blaming it all on Obama, and I do not want Obama inciting a class warfare. I would like to see just one election, in my lifetime, in which the candidates talk about the issues instead of tearing each other down. I am afraid I will not see it this time around. If Romney will not stand up to Limbaugh, Bortz, Hannity, and Nugent, he certainly is not planning a campaign about the issues. He is going to blitz the air, and radio waves with negative attacks. Obama will have no choice but to respond, in kind.

I do not like the way everyone said America would cease to exist if Obama became President. He has been President going on 4 years, and we are still here, under the same Constitution. Now they are telling us if he gets 4 more years we will be a socialist nation. Give me a break already. I would rather they come out and say they do not like him because of his race, than to hide in the closet, and pronounce these prophecies of doom; furthermore, these people are stirring the pot of dissent they created. If someone comes unhinged, and harms, or kills the President, or another Democratic official, I hope those stirring the pot, of dissent, take a close look at themselves, in the mirror, and take their share of the blame.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against free speech. I took an oath to protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Freedom of speech is essential to our rights as Americans. I would fight, and die, for anyones right to exercise their freedom of speech. With rights come responsibility. What do these talking heads think is going to happen with them on the air every day slamming the President, for one thing or another? Are they willing to take responsibility for the deeds their words incite? We will just have to wait, and see. In the case of Ted Nugent the Secret Service will soon be talking to him, as they should anyone who threatens the President, directly, or indirectly. I know if any of us Veterans say we are going to harm the President, we are detained by the Department of Veterans Affairs Police, and held for interrogation by the Secret Service. The President’s safety, and security are very important to all Americans, regardless of political persuasion.

On a side note, I went to a Ted Nugent concert back in 1980. He was screaming so loudly half the people left, and my date had to be taken to the medical first aid area. His screaming caused her to have an asthma attack. He was a nut then, and he is now. I do not know what he meant when he said these things about President Obama, but I am glad the Secret Service is looking into. I hope they help him understand the gravity of his words, and his responsibility to not incite people to violence against the President, or his administration.

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2 responses to “Secret Service To Investigate Nugent Over Obama Comments – Election 2012

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    Hi there! Sorry it’s been so long! Lots of running around. As to this article-I agree with many of your points. I think most Americans are moderate and vote for who they believe is best. But I don’t care for the “pot-stirrers” who blow comments or rhetoric waaaaay out of proportion. It’s the naive and close-minded that blindly believe them. Sadly, I think they divide more than build. And, I think because of this way-out-there talk, people hesitate to say they voted Democrat or Republican. Keep up the good work. Writing is 110% perspiration and 10% inspiration! I usually feel the 110% most days. (And, yeah, never very good at math! Hence the writing thing.) 🙂

    • You are correct in your summation about people being unwilling to admit to voting a certain ticket. I find this to be a regional thing. In the South, voting Democrat, and saying so, is equated with being the anti-Christ, up north voting Republican, and saying so, is met with similar disdain.

      I will not be badgered into voting for anyone. It is a shame that people are not interested enough in hearing both sides to the point that a liberal talk show could air regularly on the same AM channels the Conservative talking heads spew their vitriol.

      If one wants to ponder an opposing view, one must truly search for it. Most columnists, and talking heads have an agenda.



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