Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman – Stand Your Ground Law – A Personal Experience

The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, in Central Florida, is a tragedy, no matter how one looks at it. I say it is a tragedy because someone so young was shot, and killed. I do not know the facts of the case. I was not there that fatal day. I have heard the 911 audio tapes, but with the way network television news outlets have tampered with them, I do not know which version is the real version. Furthermore, an audio tape only gives us the sounds, not a visual as to what truly happened. The only people who really know what happened, on that day, are the ones who were there.

Having people come from out of state, to protest the way the Sanford Police Department handled this kind of bugs me. It bugs me when the Al Sharpton types come in, and try to tell us how to handle these matters. We are a long ways from the Civil Rights protests of the 1960s. Groups within the state, including the New Black Panthers were picketing already, and this was applying pressure to the appointed State Attorney, Angela Corey, to do something. There was also an online petition with over 2 million signatures on it, asking the State of Florida to do something. Do not get me wrong. I am not against folks from out of state coming in, and helping us resolve an issue, but I am against the Al Sharpton types. Isn’t it time to let the younger generation have their own voice? Sharpton, Jackson, and others have led the Civil Rights movement boldly, and honorably. It is time for them to step aside, and let this generation speak. Let this generation find one, or more who can express the collective viewpoint of the many. So many people turn the television off, or to another channel when these “old heads” show up. The message gets lost in the personality, and history of the individual; moreover, the message gets skewed. Let groups like the New Black Panthers, and others speak up for a change, and stay in the background Mr. Sharpton, and all the other “old heads”. It is not that your wisdom is not wanted, it is the fact that time has come for new leadership, in my humble opinion.

As for Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law“, if it allows someone to follow a person, bully them, then shoot that person, it needs to be amended. It does not need to be thrown out. Personally speaking, I have had a situation in which “Stand Your Ground” would have saved me, and my daughter. One afternoon, her school bus took a little bit too much time at the bus stop. All of the drivers behind the bus were upset. One in particular cursed at me as he drove by. Well, like any other red blooded American, I exercised my right of free speech, and gave as good as I got. Just a few words, nothing substantial. This guy did a U-turn, and pulled into my driveway. When I saw the truck make the U-turn I went inside, and grabbed my gun. I put it in my pocket, then went into my yard, just a few feet from my front porch. The guy flew out of his truck in a rage cursing, and carrying on about what he was going to do to me, my home, and my child. I told him he has a right to free speech, but beyond that driveway was private property, and to not come any further. He went on, and on. Circling his truck, beating on the hood. I stood my ground, in my yard, with my gun in my pocket. I knew if he came on the property he would come after me, then possibly after my daughter. I had a legitimate reason to fear for my life, and my child’s life. I would have shot him had he ran toward me because of his state of mind. The guy was a lunatic! When he realised I was not backing down, he left. I believe he left because the entire time he was carrying on, I had my hand in my pocket, the same pocket the gun was in. He figured out he would get shot had he pursued his rampage onto my property. Believe me when I say, I felt severely threatened, and there was no time to call the cops. The only thing between that man, and my home was me, and my gun. I did not pull the gun, but I would have had he came toward me, and I would have shot him dead. Now tell me, should I have been arrested for protecting myself, and my child from a mad man? Take into account my weakened physical state due to my illness, and there should be no problem seeing how I had no recourse but to shoot the man. This is why the “Stand Your Ground” law should not be thrown out. It may need to be amended, but definitely does not need to be thrown out.

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4 responses to “Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman – Stand Your Ground Law – A Personal Experience

  1. You would think that after what Al Sharpton did with the Tiwanna Brawley (spelling?) incident they would wait until all the facts are out. Some never learn, they just multiply hate.

  2. I think common sense should be a law. But then, many people would be breaking. I just glad you had much more common sense than many others that writes about this incident.

    • I agree, too many people were absent when they handed out common sense in Heaven. This is a serious issue, with many variables going beyond the actual law. This is a time we can all come together, and get something positive accomplished, as a memorial to Trayvon. If the law needs to be changed, we should do so; however, we cannot create law by emotion. This one will prove to be a slippery slope. Clear heads need to prevail.

      Thanks for the comment.


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