Quick Update!

Hey everyone! I have not forgotten all of you, I have just been busy with stuff. My poor wife had a bit of a scare, but she is okay now. Actually she is outside swinging a hammer. God, I love that woman! 🙂

I have not been ignoring your blogs. I get an update in my mail on each of you I follow. I will be cruising, and commenting soon. I have to help my wife install an AC today, and get some more rest. I have been a bit ill. Missed my docs appt Thursday cause my wife was in a bad way. I am hoping to get there next week. The way gas prices are so high I may have to find a place to live at over there for the rest of the month. I do have an Aunt out that way, but she has never been close to me. Odd, because all her kids and I get along great. Maybe I will stay with one of them…lol

Look for my comments on your blogs soon.




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