Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas Smacked By Multiple Tornadoes

God Bless the people in the path of the destructive weather in the Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas, and other areas. Reports have been coming across the Internet of tornadoes 1/2 mile wide, as well as other tornadoes staying on the ground  for half an hour. There are no confirmed reports of the half mile wide tornado being the one on the ground for so long, but I will try to find out.

Those is the path of this weather system, heed the warnings, and seek shelter before it is too late.




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7 responses to “Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington, Texas Smacked By Multiple Tornadoes

  1. Tornadoes has been deadly this year. I live in Florida, and it has been such a good winter so far. So i’m afraid that we might be paying for it later, somehow. Hope you doing alright. Are you in the tornado’s path?

    • No, I am in Florida too. I worry we are gonna get some bad weather this year too, but I worry every year. I have been through a couple of tornadoes. The ones we get here in N. Florida generally are not very strong. When I lived on the St. Johns River we had one skipping over the treetops. Knocked the power out for a while. The worst for me was May 1998, I was traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway, and a tornado formed in a Valley, and interacted with the mountains. Softball size hail, high winds, iced over roads from all the hail, no visibility. I had no place to turn off at where I could seek shelter, so I had to keep driving through it, and I was heading North/Northeast, the direction they go. Man I prayed hard, quoted scripture, begged God to save me, and made promises to God. My driver side window flopped down, I could not roll it up, and my passenger side windshield wiper quit working. I was in a bad way. God delivered me, and I wound up stopping in Pineola, NC once the storm stopped, and I got my bearings. Wild, wicked stuff, and I never want to see it again. Bad thing about our part of Florida, they make the homes with NO basements, and their are no neighborhood tornadoe shelters. If we have a hurricane, they send us to the local schools, but for tornadoes, we are on our own.

      • I’m afraid florida will get a bad one. This is like the calm before the storm.

      • I am thinking about going through the entire Huricaine Season, the preparation, approaching storms (how the areas in the cones are affected), stress levels, government actions/inactions. Blog the entire season, how it impacts our little area, and how this familily handles it. You could too. Perhaps we could give each other props.

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  3. AirportsMadeSimple

    Hi Mark! Just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. My post will go up tomorrow around 4:00 p.m. CST. 🙂

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