Where Are All The Comments? Help Me Become A Better Writer, Please

Hello to EVERYONE! Good Morning is my greeting to you since it is morning here, Please substitute whatever part of the day it is where you are. and be sure to keep the Good in there.

I have been writing my fanny off, and this has been keeping me real busy. Just because you all do not see what I am working on does not mean I am not working on something. My draft folder comes in handy quite often, and without it I would be lost.  I highly suggest using it as a way to store ideas, or a piece that is not quite ready for prime time.

I realize my work is not the best writing there is on Word Press, or anywhere else on the blog-o-sphere, but I do try; furthermore, I work on many different topics (I know, not too bright for a dummy, huh? :D). For starters, I write about Veterans issues, coping with severe Crohns Disease (expect more of that soon), Sports, politics, nature, crime, etc. I put all I have into my writing, as limited as that ability may be, I put it all in there. Blame this on my English Composition Professor, she said I was a natural. If only she could see me now.

In addition to my own writing, I  try to cruise everyone’s blogs on my list, reading them, and finding something pertinent to comment on. This is not too hard to do because all of you are so talented; photography, poetry, essays, musics, various art forms, fantastic writing styles that are great, as well as unique, and even more. The work all of you do, is amazing, and very much worth commenting on.

I am sorry I have not hit my stride, and found a niche in this blogging arena. Obviously not many people understand my work because I hardly ever get a comment. I have had a few re-blogs, and my stories have been added to the end of other relevant articles, but for some reason my audience is not enthused, or intrigued enough about my work to comment. There is a disconnect, or I have coverered the topic so well no comment is needed. 😀 I doubt that.

I truly need your comments to make me a better writer. I am on a quest to develop my writing skills, alongside my personal writing style, if possible. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, and put to good use. I can handle constructive criticism, so do not worry about hurting my feelings.

To those who may be wondering why I have not been commenting as much lately, I have been busy trying to understand why my entries are not getting  comments, here, and there, from those who’s work I comment on as often as I am able.

I am not writing this to be a smart ass, or to be vindictive; just to say, “send me some comments too”.





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13 responses to “Where Are All The Comments? Help Me Become A Better Writer, Please

  1. I experimented with some pics, sorry about my text color getting messed up. I will go back later and fix it. I have a migraine. I have not had my medical blood treatments for a month, bbl.


  2. I like your blog writing. It’s very concise and honest. I recently felt the same way with blogging. I started googling ideas for getting more traffic to my page and it has truly helped. Good luck!

  3. Unless something really controversial in nature, you won’t have too many comments. But I hope you keep going. Comments of no comments 😀

    • Thanks! I will trudge on. It is odd how some of the things I think are controversial are anything but controversial. You are correct, and so is everyone else, comments, or none, I need to keep blogging.

      • Whoa, i jumped the gun on your other reply.

        But anyways, seeing you’re avatar “armyveteran”, i bet you got many stories that can raise some positive, or negative comments 😀

      • Amen to that, but I want to pack the house before I bring out the really controversial stuff…lol


      • Developing followers are tough. It takes time. But once you find people that like your stuff, they will naturally share with friends and refer people to your blog. Don’t worry about packing the house. Just have good contents first for people to be able to find you. But in general, just like anything, gotta take it slow.

        Good luck. Will be following you to see how you doing.

  4. AirportsMadeSimple

    You are doing fine! Don’t give up. Write about things that make you forget the time or you know well or are near and dear to your heart. Just keep going! It’s hard work,too. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I think I am over it now. I know people are coming to the blog by the stats. I also know I have an international following, so to speak from the same place – stats… I really like the way they have jacked up the stats. We can see the key words people use to search out the item of interest, and how much interest is being shown to which posts. I was surprised by some of the ones that went on to be more popular than the ones I thought were ringers. Also, people look up, and read old entries, especially if they contain content that always is in demand. The most interesting, and most read blog entries I have done were on sports, especially how the weather was going to affect the Daytona Races. I was real busy with my last one. Broke my own records each day up until the race with the highest being 80 in one day. I love sports, so I will be writing more about them. I also am a weather watcher. Being able to combine the two was exciting, especially when I called the weather for this Daytona 500 past exactly how it would be. It even got rained out. I did not put that in there, but I did tell people to expect it. I amaze myself sometimes…lol

      I like what you are doing with your page. Hope to see some more things like people standing on their heads at the airport verses sitting on their brains… lmao 😀



      • AirportsMadeSimple

        Hi Mark! Ha! Yes – that was a good one. I’ve never actually seen it happen (you won’t see me doing it!). You’re doing a great job. I like to think of WordPress as a book instead of a newspaper. I used to think of it as a newspaper. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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