Tebow Fans Occupy Jaguars Stadium – Protesting Jaguars Decision

I have received reports that 80,000 rabid, iced tea drinking, Tim Tebow fans have converged on Everbank Field, the home of the Jaguars, and they are being joined by thousands more each hour, in an attempt to force the Jaguars to acquire Tim Tebow.  Some are wearing Tebow masks, others are carrying signs demanding the Jacksonville Jaguars do all they can to acquire Tim Tebow from the Jets. Chants of “Tebow to Jacksonville” have reached deafening levels. Spontaneous Tebowing is occurring not only in the stadium, but throughout the entire region. Jaguars’ owner Shaid Khan had to undock his yacht from the banks of the St. Johns River when a mob of Tebow supporters tried to storm his boat. The last report from the Coast Guard is Mr. Khan’s yacht is being chased up, and down the St. Johns River by Tebow supporters who have fashioned flags for their various boats, and rafts out of old Tebow jerseys. Sources close to the chase have informed me some fans have taken to inner tubes in an attempt to capture the Jaguar’s owner’s yacht. Meanwhile at the stadium, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Deputies have refused to arrest the Tebow lovers, and all officers sent to the stadium have joined the demonstration. The Mayor tried to call the Governor so the National Guard could be called out, but his office is reporting he is amongst the demonstrators, along with his entire staff.

I will update this story as it unfolds….

Developing story out of the Jaguars playing fields; Everbank field has been occupied by 80,000 rabid, iced tea swilling, Tim Tebow supporters. Owner Shaid Khan’s yacht is being chased by an armada of various boats, and a fleet of inner tube riding Tebow supporters.

Stay tuned for updates.

old soldier  😉



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2 responses to “Tebow Fans Occupy Jaguars Stadium – Protesting Jaguars Decision

  1. I absolutely love your perspective on the situation, very entertaining!!!

  2. I love writing stuff like this. Too bad more people did not get a chance to enjoy this part of the debacle. Word down here, from our owner is Tebow, regardless of what he says, chose the Big Apple over the Jaguars, That is okay though, he has to come home sometime… 😀

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