Manning Going to Denver – Tebow To Jacksonville?


REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Peyton Manning is signing with the Denver Broncos, and reports are coming out of Denver that Tim Tebow will be traded. The question on the mind of many Jaguars fans is will Tim Tebow wind up in Jacksonville?

Currently the Jaguars have 2nd year quarterback Blaine Gabbert slated to be the starter next season backed up by Chad Henne. Henne was signed this week, and Gabbert was picked 10th overall, in last years draft.

The jury is still out on whether or not Gabbert will make it as an NFL quarterback. Last season the player lockout by management prevented him from participating in off-season activities. He was thrown into the game without a whole lot of preparation. His training was on the job, and toward the end of the season last year I could see flickers of a potential franchise quarterback.

With the signing of Henne, a former Miami Dolphin starter, the Jaguars just do not have a spot for Tebow……. Unless Jaguar owner Shad Khan intervenes, and tells GM Gene Smith to go after Tebow, he will wind up elsewhere, or sit as backup to Manning.

The deck is Denver’s to deal. IF Tebow is put up for a trade, there are a number of teams that could use him. Seattle comes to mind, and I just heard Sam Kavouris on WJXT stating there is a report New England is interested in Tebow. New England apparently wants to create 20 plays a game for him to run. Plays that fit his skills set. The San Francisco 49ers are in danger of losing Alex Smith due to their courting of Manning, so they too could be a potential home for Tebow. The absolute worse scenario for Jaguars fans is if Tebow winds up playing for conference rival Tennessee. That would make me ill. I truly believe if it came to a situation where it looked like Tebow would go to a conference rival, Shad Khan would tell Gene Smith to go after him.

Tim Tebow is a hero to many in the Jacksonville area due to his play at the University of Florida. More people would buy tickets to the Jaguars games if Tebow was on the roster, even if he was just a backup on the sideline carrying a clipboard.

It will be interesting seeing how all of this works out. Tebow could very well wind up staying in Denver. The Broncos will need a backup for Manning. There is no guarantee Manning will be the same player he was in Indianapolis. He missed the entire season last year with a neck injury. All it will take is for him to get hit one time the wrong way and he will be out. In that scenario, who will step in to fill his shoes? Personally, I think the Broncos would be stupid to get rid of Tebow. The skill set Tebow brings is different from Manning’s, and could be a game winner should Manning get hurt.

The Tebow train has apparently already left Jacksonville’s station……… Mr. Khan?





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