Tragedy In Afghanistan – Time to Leave?

In the news today we are reading, and seeing news about an American soldier killing at least 12 Afghan civilians, perhaps more. The motive for this act is unclear, at this time. Afghanistan is becoming a real problem for American policy makers, and with this most recent act of violence, perpetrated upon civilians, the path for a quick withdrawal of our forces seems to be inevitable.

Why are we still in Afghanistan? Osama Bin Laden is dead, and Al Qaeda has been severely diminished. We have few friends in the region. Our so called ally, Pakistan, has proven to be a fair weather friend, and we cannot count on them for anything. The forward Operating Posts in Afghanistan serve no purpose other than for Americans to be killed. If I did not know better I would think we are feeding American blood to a blood thirsty beast; that we had made a deal to feed the beast so long as it stayed over there. I am sickened that even a single American shed blood in Afghanistan, let alone all the ones who have been injured, and killed, to free a people from a way of life they clearly do not want freedom from.

The people of Afghanistan do not want the freedom America is trying to give them. Afghanistan wants the way of the Taliban. Why can’t people see this? Why the US has chosen this backwater of a nation to bring Western ideals to is beyond me. They clearly do not want our brand of freedom. They want to live under a form of government, where fundamentalist Moslem beliefs are the law. They want Sharia, not the USA.

I am repeating my appeal to all Veterans of the Armed Forces of The United States of America, to ask their representatives to de-fund military activities in Afghanistan, if President Obama fails to use his authority as Commander-in-Chief to bring our men, and women home from Afghanistan.  Please contact the White House, and make a personal appeal for American troops to be brought home now.

There is no reason for us to continue to shed American blood in such a backward place as Afghanistan, nor for people as thankless as the Afghan people are. We should give those Afghans who desire a way of life different than fundamentalism,  a chance to leave Afghanistan, as we are packing up our equipment, and bringing our people home.

As for NATO, if they want to stay, we need to be clear that America will not contribute any boots on the ground, or people in the air, to Afghanistan. We need to be clear, barring another attack, on the US, coordinated from Afghanistan, that we are finished fighting in that nation.

I feel bad for the victims of this most recent tragedy. My condolences to the families, and friends of those killed. I believe America should be clear in its’ statement of condolences, and I also believe we should offer some sort of monetary compensation to those who lost loved ones. Furthermore, I believe this is a clear signal that we need to quit Afghanistan now.

As a footnote, I want to point out that the fall of Kabul may be as bad as the fall of Saigon. If this happens we should place the blame where it belongs. In my opinion the blame for any failure in Afghanistan belongs with the architects of the war. We did not use lessons learned from Vietnam. We should have went in with overwhelming force, a clearly defined mission, and an exit strategy. We failed to do any of these, and we are now dealing with a very bad situation.

My prayers go out for the men, and women of our Armed Forces, their families, and friends.



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