True Horror Stories at The Veterans Administration – The Blind Veteran & The Abusive VA Nurse

I have decided to devote part of my blog space to what I call “Horror Stories At The Veterans Administration”. I have been going to the Veterans Administration for 27 years, and I am here to tell you I have seen some bad things happen to patients. I have even had bad things done to me, by employees at the Veterans Administration. I hope people will read these stories, and realise America’s Veterans are forced to deal with a system that allows its employees to abuse the very people it is there to serve, the people who without them there would be no VA; the American Veteran.

The Department of Veterans Affairs allows its employees to abuse patients. The only time it is put to a stop is if the abuse is caught, and challenged by the patient, or the patient’s family. Even when an abusive employee is caught, and disciplined, the patient is subject to retaliation from the same employee, or  other employees. I know this is hard to fathom, but it is true. There is something fundamentally wrong with an institution that allows retaliatory action by its employees on someone who complains. It is sickening to know that the very people who are there to take care of the health of America’s Veterans can do such things as I am going to write about. Even worse has happened to other Veterans, but the mainstream press will not cover it long-term. The press will pick it up for sensationalism, using the shock value to pull in viewers, but they will not do long-term, in-depth coverage, of what happens at the place chosen to care for America’s Veterans, their Widows, and Dependent Children. I will do my utmost to stick to the facts, and not sensationalize these reports.

I have decided to start with a true story I have written in the past. I call it “The Blind Veteran and The Abusive VA Nurse”.

Not too long ago I was admitted to a Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital for a severe episode of my illness. I was in a room that had 5 beds in it. Across from my bed was a Veteran who was blind.

The blind Veteran, and his family told all of the doctors, and all of the nurses who came on duty, that he did not want any intravenous potassium. Apparently he had a severe reaction to it in the past, and wanted to ensure it was not given him again. His lab work came back showing his potassium was a bit low, and they asked him if he would allow them to give him IV Potassium. I heard the blind Veteran clearly tell them no. His family said no too. Each shift change he made sure to tell the people coming on that he wanted no IV potassium.

One night, I saw a nurse named Maureen slip into the room holding IV bags. She went over to his bedside, and started hanging IVs. The blind Veteran asked if any of it was potassium, and she assured him he was not getting any.

The next morning I was up early, as usual, at the sink shaving, and trying to figure out how to get a cup of coffee. As I walked past the blind Veterans’ bed, I glanced up at his IV pole, and looked at the labels on each bag. I could not believe it when I saw one of them was potassium. I told the man. When his family got there, I told them. They complained bitterly, and the nurse, Maureen, was supposed to have been disciplined.

The next night, Maureen was back on duty, and she was still taking care of him, and me. I asked for a pain shot. I was given the shot, and the next thing I knew I awoke 4 hours later in a pool of my own urine. Bear in mind, I have a very high tolerance for all of the pain medications they use, due to being ill for so many years, and had been getting these shots for several days. Not once did any of them do this to me; furthermore, none of the other shots given me after this had the same effect. I honestly believe Maureen was pissed off at me for blowing the whistle on her, and she gave me too much medicine, or something else. For sure, I did not ask her for another shot; moreover, I did not stay as long as the doctors wanted me in the hospital, because I was afraid something worse may happen to me. 

Nurse Maureen at the Veterans Administration Hospital never did get disciplined. I do not know what happened to the blind Veteran. I am hoping that since I did not read about his death, nor saw it on the news, he survived the ordeal. Other Veterans have not been so lucky.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I will be sharing more true VA stories soon. Ask yourself this question: Do the men, and women who served Honorably in the Armed Forces of The United States deserve to be treated like this? Are we just human garbage for the VA employees to do with as they wish? Think about it. You will be shocked to know how some of the employees at the VA abuse Veterans.

I want to be clear on one thing. There are some good employees at the VA; however, all it takes is one bad employee, to undo all the work, of the good ones.

Enjoy Your Freedom? Thank a Veteran.

old soldier


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