A Poetic Tribute To Robert Frost

If you want to write poetry in the form of Robert Frost,

The trick is to write it like this.

Now pay attention and be sure to not get lost,

If you do, a great form you will miss.

Robert Frost had a way of writing,

He made every other line end in a rhyme.

When I first read his work my mind was fighting,

But once I caught on I found his work to be very fine.

Truly a genius and a rare breed,

His work is proof of a brilliant mind.

I try his form, and to his style my words must heed,

But often the words are so hard to find.

For sure I am no Robert Frost,

He truly was one of a kind.

His style is one worth learning no matter the cost,

Because if I ever get it right I will have a rare find.


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