Weather Forecast For Sunday’s Daytona 500 – Problems With Travel Pay At The Department of Veterans Affairs VISN8

Hey everyone! I just want to give a quick update on what the weather may look like for Daytona this weekend.

First off, we have been having some really nice weather lately. We have had one of the warmest winters I can remember. I hate the cold weather, so understand why I am not on here blogging. I am outside soaking up the warmth. It was 80 degrees today! We have a quick cool down this weekend, then its right back to warm temperatures.

Forecast for Daytona, so far it looks like we will have some light rains down there. How it will impact the race depends on how much, and how heavy it gets. Weatherman seems to be waffling, so please understand the situation is fluid, and may change. I will update on here if it changes from light rains, for the Daytona Races.

Veterans take note of this. I have been dealing with the Veterans Administration not sending out my travel reimbursement in a timely manner, for two months. I am not the only one not getting my travel pay either. All of the Veterans are complaining. The North Florida – South Georgia Veterans Health System (VISN8) is the last VA to switch from cash payments, for travel pay, to mailing out checks. So far they have done a terrible job. They have 3 weeks to get our money to us, some guys have been waiting 6 to 7 weeks, and even others are being shorted when they do get their checks. For starters, why did they have to change it? Second of all, why can’t they direct deposit our travel pay into the checking accounts they made all of us get because the government is supposedly going paperless? 

There are a very high number of veterans making way below the poverty level in this particular Veterans Health System. They know this. They also know if it were not for that travel reimbursement some Veterans will not be able to keep their appointments. They have not even put an emergency system in place. Let’s say a Veteran, making very little money, suddenly has a health crisis, and is scheduled for one appointment, two times a week. Let’s take into account this veteran lives in a rural area, and his round trip is 200 miles. Taking these things into account, that Veteran will not be able to keep his appointments under the new system of mailing out travel pay checks, because the damn checks are taking forever to get to those the money is due! Unless that Veteran can get someone to have pity on him, he will miss his appointments, and get sicker. I recently had to reschedule an appointment because I have not received my travel checks for the appointments I have kept. This is scary because I am sick as hell. There are other veterans in worse shape than me, and I am afraid this policy will kill them.

When the Veterans Administration made this change they did not ask any of us how it would impact us. They just posted a note, and said this is how it will be, there is nothing you can do to change it. I am sick of being forced to eat the crap the Department of Veterans Affairs has been serving us. This travel pay fiasco is just the latest move by the VA without giving a crap about the Veteran. Not all of us make big fat government checks, and can afford to travel the creation un-reimbursed. I have also had to miss paying 3 bills because of this travel pay fiasco. The VA does crap like this, and then they wonder why we get upset.

I have surgery coming up next month. If they cannot work something out on this travel ordeal I may lay home and die with an infection cause I cannot afford to drive the 120 miles round trip to see a doctor.

Let’s not forget the wear and tear on our vehicles too. They have no program to get us affordable car loans so we have the car that gets the best gas mileage, and does not need a bunch of maintenance because it is not 25 years old like my truck is. I am not a happy camper about all of this.

That is all I have for tonight. Thanks for stopping by!




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