Northeast Florida – Southeast Georgia Fire & Smoke Update

We had a rain system come through last night, and guess where the majority of it went in our area? According to radar, and my 1-3AM Eagle Eyes 😉 the heaviest of the rains went right over the Okefenokee Swamp, and the Honey Prairie Fire. I will try to remember to call the Forestry Service tomorrow to ask how much of the fire got knocked down farther (it is smoldering several feet under the peat moss}. They also had some wild weather up that way. Apparently there was at least one, perhaps more than one tornadoes just north of, and inside the swamp. Hopefully the lightning did not spark any new fires, and the stubborn Honey Prairie Fire got a real good soaking. We are due some rain today, with high wings. I worry when we have these conditions cause there are several trees needing to be cut down near my trailer home. One real big wind gust and we are homeless. I am physically unable to do these things anymore. It irks me, but acceptance is the key to coping with the severe crohns disease that has ravaged my body; 11 surgeries, going on 12, internal bleeding, severe anemia (twice monthly blood treatments with iron), degenerative disk disease, neuropathy, and bone mineral density loss to the point I am at a moderate risk for fracture, and I am only 47 years old. I have some other problems, and am having more surgery next month, perhaps sooner if this severe pain I am having does not clear up. I have been hurting bad since I tapered off the prednisone last week, with each day being worse, and more painful. To sum it all up, I am not supposed to lift more than a 5lb bag of sugar, or I run the risk of making my problems worse; furthermore, for some weird reason, I am unable to take the new class of biologic drug treatments for Crohns Disease. I have severe adverse reactions to all of them, from Remicade, to Humira for Crohns, and Reclast, to Zomeda, to treat my bone loss. My Primary Care doctor told me, before she went AWOL, that ny not being able to tolerate them may play out to be in my favour because of the infection risk associated with this class of drugs.

I hear about all these programs that help disabled veterans work on their houses. I have yet to find one to help us. My wife lost her job when the recession started, and has been forced to go back to school to update her skills so she can be marketable in the new economy. It’s not getting any easier, and I see all these repairs needing to be done, and just do not know how they will get done. Every now, and again I take a chance, and do one, and have a health set back, or wind up in the hospital. I definitely cannot fix anything with this current flare up, it has really got me down. Every time my wife works on something relating to our trailer home she is laid up for a day, or two, so we have to put many things off, and hope they will be okay, for the time being. We keep hoping something, or someone will come through for us, and we pray to God to help us.

Now back to the weather. I apologise for the detour. North Florida – Rain, and high winds this afternoon, with some lightning, and perhaps an isolated tornado.  South Georgia is not  out from under the gun yet. The tornadoes have ended, but more rain, and wind are possible.

As soon as photos of the tornadoes damage come my way, I will post them. All of the smoke is gone in our area, but please continue to use caution. Lightning from a thunderstorm can cause wild fires, with blinding smoke on the .State Roads, and Interstates popping up at any time without warning,

Have a Nice Day!



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