Smoke Forecast – North Florida – Battle of Olustee – Current Driving Conditions

I took a drive to Lake City today, and the smoke was noticeable. It was not enough to slow my driving, impair my vision, or cause any delays, but it was significant enough to give me a sinus headache. Apparently there are some fires burning in the Osceola National Forest. I did not have time to stop at the Ranger Station, so I do not know if the smoke is from controlled burns or not.

Anyone driving on Interstate 10, or US 90 between Lake City, and Jacksonville, be careful. The smoke could get thicker, or combine with fog and make for some hazardous driving. I am planning on visiting the Osceola National Forest this weekend, and will inquire at the Ranger Station as to the cause of all the smoke.

The annual Olustee Civil War Battle re-enactment is this next weekend. Hopefully we will have pleasant weather, and not so much, or no smoke at all. If you have never been, and you are able, I highly recommend visiting this event. The festival is held all weekend, with a Civil War era tent city, as well as tons of places to buy really cool stuff from that era. There are two battles, one Saturday, and one on Sunday. The one on Sunday is the actual re-enactment. On Saturday they sometimes get creative with the battle, and let the North win. 😉 We go every year. If I can find some digital photos, I will post them on here for you all to see. The event does not cost much to get in, and parking is free. The location is Olustee Historic State Park, just east of the Osceola National Forest, on US 90. It is a great even for all ages. There will be people there in period dress other than the soldiers. Plan to have a blast, take lots of photos, and hear some loud shooting. You may want to bring ear plugs. I have never wore them, I stand as close to the battle as one can get, and have never had a problem with any hearing loss from it all. That is not to say the gun, and cannon fire is not loud though, so be advised.

Have a great weekend!



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