North Florida – South Georgia Fire & Smoke Forecast

The Northeast Florida, Southeast Georgia fire danger outlook for the Spring is high. My reasons for placing the danger at high are we have had an abnormally warm winter (even for Florida standards), very little rain, there is a lot of under brush, and we still have active fires. Especially of concern is the Honey Prarie Fire, of last fire season, which is still smoldering in the Okefenokee Swamp. We have not had much smoke from the fire, but as long as it smolders it can flare back up. The Forestry Service has taken the lull in the fire to redouble their efforts to contain the fire should it flare.

Regarding smoke, as I said we have not had much. It is important to point out the danger from smoke can be deadly, as proven by the recent deaths on I-75, south of Gainesville, from a fire in a Nature Preserve. Eleven people lost their lives in a series of accidents on this highway. All of the accidents occurred on the same day. My heart goes out to the families, and friends of the deceased.

I will update the fire/smoke watch as we get closer to the races in Daytona, and Spring Break.



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