New Black Panthers Protest Convicted Sex Offender In Pulpit – The Preaching Pervert vs The New Black Panthers

Jacksonville, Florida – The New Black Panthers are picketing Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church, on the north side of Jacksonville, in protest of the church allowing a convicted sexual predator to preach to adult congregants.

Former mega church pastor Darrell Gilyard, who committed his crimes against two girls at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was released from prison two months ago. According to The Florida Times Union, court records reveal Gilyard admitted to being the father, of a child, from a woman who said he seduced, then raped her during a counseling session in 2004. 

Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church said their attendance skyrocketed from around 15 people to over 150 adults preached to by Gilyard, at a recent service. The church states it is not allowing anyone under the age of 18 to attend the services the pedophile Gilyard presides over. Attendees under the age of 18 are barred from the services, with services for youths being held separately.

The New Black Panthers are vowing to dig in, and protest until the convicted pedophile Gilyard stops presiding over services at the church. They cite the danger to the community being too high to allow a sexual predator access to such a sensitive job. Church officials are quick to point out the precautions being taken to prevent Gilyard direct access to minors is sufficient, that Gilyard deserves to be forgiven, and given a second chance.

What are these people thinking? Do they think Gilyard’s being denied to preach to youths is really going to stop him from preying on another person? Gilyard fully admits to fathering a child of one of his former congregants. The former congregant alleges he raped her during a counseling session. He is convicted of preying on children. Darrell Gilyard is in the highest category of dangerous sex offenders. He just got out of prison two months ago! Are the members of Christ Tabernacle so desperate to grow their church they will make a deal with the devil?

Many people are wondering why the state is allowing Mr. Gilyard to hold this particular job. My question is why is the church allowing it? I agree Mr. Gilyard needs God, and the forgiveness that comes only from Jesus Christ. I disagree with Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church, and their decision to allow this sick man to align himself in a position from which he could potentially prey on yet another person.

I fully support The New Black Panthers’ decision to protest Darrell Gilyard being in the pulpit of Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church. I hope they succeed in denying Gilyard access to potential victims.

I will update this story as it develops………

Sources: WJXT, The Florida Times Union,,


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  1. Quick update: Gilyard’s lawyer is trying to get a Judge to change the conditions of his probation. He is basically seeking to loosen the restrictions on contact with minors. I do not see a Judge granting any changes. Perhaps the Judge will rule against his preaching in proximity to play grounds, and other areas children gather.

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