This was posted on censorship day. I had no idea there was a boycott. I really need to feel better and get a life.. ūüôā


A couple of months ago I ¬†ordered a pizza, from Pizza Hut, for me, and my family. It was a Sunday, football was on, and I wanted a pizza pie to munch on,¬†along with¬†some wings. I remember when bread sticks, and¬† sauce were a big deal, and how I would always order bread sticks along with my pizza. My pizza place of choice back in the day was Pizza Hut, and they have remained, for the most part the main pizza provider for me. Why Pizza Hut? I worked for them one summer, as a waiter,¬†while living at the beach. I made lots of cash tips, and dated a waitress, or two. I even married one of the¬†delivery drivers,¬†it did not last, but that is another story, for another time, so Jill you are off the hook on this one. ūüôā¬†Furthermore, I know how they make their pizzas, and how‚Ķ

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