How 50 cent & A Bad Attitude Cost Pizza Hut A Customer For Life

A couple of months ago I  ordered a pizza, from Pizza Hut, for me, and my family. It was a Sunday, football was on, and I wanted a pizza pie to munch on, along with some wings. I remember when bread sticks, and  sauce were a big deal, and how I would always order bread sticks along with my pizza. My pizza place of choice back in the day was Pizza Hut, and they have remained, for the most part the main pizza provider for me. Why Pizza Hut? I worked for them one summer, as a waiter, while living at the beach. I made lots of cash tips, and dated a waitress, or two. I even married one of the delivery drivers, it did not last, but that is another story, for another time, so Jill you are off the hook on this one. 🙂 Furthermore, I know how they make their pizzas, and how they operate. While working for them, I ate lots of pizza, and grew to love Pizza Hut pizza, bread sticks, and dipping sauce. Ever since then, Pizza Hut pizza has been my number one choice, for pizza, bread sticks & sauce, and when they started carrying them, buffalo wings became part of my regular order.

I called my local Pizza Hut, a nice young man answered the phone, and I received prompt courteous service, just like I always have. I placed my order, with wings on the side, and he told me the price, and when it would be ready for pick up. It was a  normal order for pizza, from Pizza Hut, as I have done many, many times over the course of my adult life. The only exception this time was I did not get put on hold. Everything was lining up, for me, and my family, to enjoy a pizza, with some buffalo wings on the side.

On a side note, for me carry out is the best way, to order pizza. I can usually time it out so as to get there when the pizza is coming out, of the oven, being cut, and boxed up. If I miss all of that, I know it was done shortly before I walked in the door. I also avoid the middle man, in this case the delivery driver, get a fresh hot pizza, and don’t have to tip anyone… Ha! Ha! 😉

Now back to my tale, ordering a pizza, from Pizza Hut.

After about five minutes, I grabbed my keys, hopped in our car, and proceed to Pizza Hut. When I arrived, they were not busy at all. The cashier asked my name, another dude grabbed the pizza, opened the box, and showed me the pizza that was soon to  be eaten by me, and my family. I told him it looked great, and do not forget my wings. He said something along the lines, that the wings are right here. The cahier rang it all up, I paid, and they handed me the goodies. It was at this point I told the guy who showed me the pizza, to not forget the sauce. I was gonna ask for Ranch, but something happened. Something that made me decide to never order another pizza from Pizza Hut never again, FOR LIFE!

The guy who showed me the pizza snapped, and started lecturing me; he freaked out. He told me I  would have to pay for the sauce because the sauce is counted against their inventory, and he has to account for it, and a whole bunch of other needless crap. He went on, and on about the inventory, and that he could not give away dipping sauce. It was at this point I told him perhaps someone should have told me over the phone, when I ordered the wings, that dipping sauce would cost me 50 cent, if I wanted it, and how no one even asked what type of sauce, if any, I wanted. He snapped back that he took my order, inferring I was informed. I was starting to get a little bit thorny at this point. I told him that, in my opinion, it should be up to the store manager to give, or not give out dipping sauce, for the buffalo wings. The guy went back into the whole ordeal again about how it was an inventory item, and he had to account for it, and this, and that, and the other thing. I told him flatly, “Pizza Hut is about to lose a customer, for life, over 50 cents”. The guy actually started telling me about his inventory again! Instead of cursing the guy out, and demanding my money back, I picked up my pizza, and left. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I had to force the pizza down, and the buffalo wings were crap because I had no ranch sauce to dip them in! I have not been back to Pizza Hut since this happened.

Fast forward to last night. I wanted to treat my family to pizza, and I wanted some buffalo wings too. I briefly thought of Pizza Hut, then I remembered what happened the last time I was there, and the entire wing fiasco. There was no way I was ordering anything from Pizza Hut after the ordeal I went through over a 50 cent container of ranch dipping sauce. Did I mention that the guy never, not one time asked me if I wanted the ranch sauce? I probably would have paid for it, and been on my way. Pizza Hut failed, all the way around, and there was no way I was getting anything from them, so I had to select a new place to purchase pizza from.

I called Papa Johns. A very nice young man answered the phone. I asked him about the specials, and he patiently told me what they were. I ordered two pizzas, and some buffalo wings. I almost dropped the phone when he said would you like some ranch sauce with those? I was overjoyed! Also, they did not charge me for it! I was so happy! I briefly told the guy about what Pizza Hut did to me, and told him how pleased I was at this development. We both had a laugh, he told me when the pizzas & wings would be ready, how much the total was, thanked me, and I said I will see you then.

I picked up the pizzas, and wings, brought them home, and we enjoyed two delicious pizzas that were affordable, and when I opened my wings there were TWO containers of ranch dipping sauce. Papa Johns is now my pizza maker of choice, and I will be their customer for life. They appreciate my business, make a great pizza pie, and treat me like a customer is supposed to be treated.

For those of you who deal with the public, or own a business that relies not only on your product, but good relations  with customers, remember this; The customer is always right, and teach your employees the value in saying “Yes I can”. Mine is a classic tale of how Pizza Hut got it totally wrong, and Papa Johns got it totally right. If Pizza Hut would have gave me the ranch sauce, and not been so anal retentive about their inventory, and a whole 50 cent, I would still be their customer, but they didn’t, and I called Papa Johns for my next order of pizza, and wings. Papa Johns treated me the way a customer is supposed to be treated, and they won the prize.  A customer for life. One who will tell everyone about the shabby treatment I got from Pizza Hut, then proceed to not only say how great Papa Johns treated me, but how incredible their pizzas & wings  are, for the same price.

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