Iraq, Afghanistan, Washington DC – What Americans Should Demand

Hello everyone! I am so glad to be back. I was on Sabbatical, re-charging my brain, taking care of my health, and refreshing my outlook, information sources, as well as talking with my Creator. Isn’t that what a Sabbatical is?…lol

Much has happened since I last posted on here. The one event that has made me the happiest is our troops have returned from Iraq. There are still some troops there, for various purposes, but our combat troops are HOME! I wish all our troops were home, and out of harms way.

I saw my neighbor Dave today. He is a retired Sgt. Major, from the Air Force. One of the old timers. He informed me his son, Joe, a Major in the US Army is in Afghanistan. I feel his concern, and pride, for his son. I expressed to him that all of us Veterans need to pressure our government to get our troops out of Afghanistan. Why are we still there? Osama Bin Laden is DEAD. al-Qaeda is, for all intents, and purposes defeated. Al Qaeda is a non factor. Our mission was to defeat the Taliban, so we could kill, or capture Al Qaeda members, and most importantly capture, or kill Usama Bin Laden. We have done all of these things. I see no reason to maintain a presence in a country we are not welcome. We are not liberators anymore. We have become occupiers. Even worse, we are forced to rely on Pakistan. Pakistan has proven they are not our friends. They hid, and gave quarter to Bin Laden. They have killed, and captured troops, and members of the press. They have cut off our supply routes more than once. Pakistan is a partner with all of the extremist Moslems, and terrorist organisations, in that region, yet we funnel American taxpayer dollars to them. Need I say more, to make the case we need to quit Afghanistan?

America is in a desperate economic condition. Our troops, and money need to be brought home. Please contact you legislators, in DC, and please write a letter to President Obama. Please tell them all we need to bring our troops out of Afghanistan NOW, not 2014.

The last item on my agenda is we need a jobs package to put Americans back to work, in good paying jobs, with good benefits. Anyone in DC who cannot see this is out of touch, and should be recalled by those who put them in office. There is NO reason to obstruct legislation to put Americans back to work. The obstructionists are in for a big surprise if they cannot learn to compromise, for the good of America, and Americans.

Thanks for cruising my blog. This is a little taste of things to come. Other things will be covered also. I will surprise ya with them.






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2 responses to “Iraq, Afghanistan, Washington DC – What Americans Should Demand

  1. Even though I just found your blog today, welcome back. I look forward to following your posts. Thank you for your service, and your continued efforts on behalf of our troops and veterans. ~Tina

  2. Tina,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I hope to bring a fresh perspective, and show those who cruise my blog, what the common veteran thinks, and feels about their service, this blessed nation, and the urgent matters that are common to all of us, veterans, civilians, and active duty troops.

    Warm Regards,
    Mark aka armyveteran

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