Casey Anthony Exit Stage Left – Economy, War on Terror, Center Stage Please

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over, what are the masses going to focus their attention on? I do not believe the masses have the attention span to stay continuously focused on Anthony, like the focused laser beam they have been over the course of the trial. What is the poor media going to do now? What is poor Nancy Grace, and Head Line News going to do without Anthony to keep their ratings up? My, my, my! What a unique sequence of events we have been witnesses to!

Anthony will most likely be quietly let out of jail, at the discretion of the jailer, i.e. warden. If they release her publicly they run a risk of being liable if something happens to her as a result of said public release. Whatever it may be, I am sure the press will try to squeeze whatever they can out of her release. In fact, the press, Grace, and HLN will try to wring everything they can out of the Casey Anthony investigation, trial, verdict, and release. I am sure that Grace will write a book, all the while saying that Anthony should have no right to. After all, Anthony’s book would be competing with Grace’s for shelf space, and the limited amount of disposable income available due to the severe recession we are in. Here is my newsflash to the medial IT’s OVER! YOU CANNOT SPOON FEED US GARBAGE ANYMORE! At least they should not be able to spoon feed us garbage anymore; however, there is always some moron who buys in to what the talking heads, and the garbage media have to say. As for me, as Jack Webb said on Dragnet, “Just the facts”….. please, “just the facts”!

Now we have come full circle. Now that we have nothing else to compete  for our attention, hopefully, the economy, and the horrible way BOTH parties have handled it, as well as the war on terror can take center stage. I am hopeful that we the people can force the government to deal with these priorities. People are hurting for work. People are desperate for money. The lifestyle of  the average American’s is on the decline, yet the lifestyles of the rich, the well-born, and the able have not suffered, and in most instances have gotten better. American blood is  still being shed on foreign soil, with no real end in sight. We have been told several different lies about when our troops will be coming home. What a load of bull-hockey! American soldier, sailors, and airmen are still be killed, wounded, and maimed. When is enough, going to be enough? How is it that our forefathers defeated Nazi Germany, and Kamikaze Japan in less than half the time we have been engaged in combat against a bunch of criminals? When are we going to stop the insanity? Our treasure is being wasted on places that will revert back to what they were when we leave, or become even worse. The only winners in this “War On Terror” are those in the military industrial complex. Speaking as an army veteran, and an American patriot, I suggest we the people put more pressure on the Legislative, and the Executive branches of our government. The only way they will make the real changes to make a real difference is if they fear losing their jobs. The time is NOW to really fix the total economic mess we are in, and the time is NOW to bring our troops home.

Take C are, and Have a Safe Summer!

armyveteran, Mark


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