Casey Anthony Trial & Verdict – Just A Few Observations

Justice Is Blind - Thank God
Justice is blind.

The trial of Casey Anthony is over. The jury having heard all of the testimony, viewed the evidence, deliberated as instructed, and reached a verdict.  Casey Anthony has been found not guilty, of the death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, and guilty, of several counts of lying to the detectives investigating the case. The judge has set Thursday, 7 July 2011 as the day when he will sentence Anthony for the misdemeanor crimes she was found guilty of. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail, plus fines, and fees.

Yesterday, millions of people, around the world watched as the verdicts were read. Chat rooms, Facebook, Twitter, as well as the comment sections of various media outlets, were all inundated with many highly charged opinions, threats, etc. Some people thought the jury reached the only verdict it could, given the state’s weak case against Casey Anthony. Other people were outraged that the jury could reach any other verdict than guilty. Of those who are convinced of the defendant’s guilt, some turned outright hostile, threatening the life of Anthony, the jury, the defense team, and anyone who disagreed with their position that she was guilty. Some websites, such as the Orlando Sentinel became so overwhelmed with traffic, i.e. viewers, and opiners, the sites became temporarily unavailable. Others, such as WJXT’s were inundated with such a huge volume of comments, all at once, that there was a significant delay in the publishing of some comments due to the editing involved, and the misconduct of commenters, who for whatever reason, flagged many comments as offensive, making them unavailable until the station editors could read them. These scenarios were repeated throughout the world-wide web, in varying degrees, and in varying ways. The Casey Anthony VERDICT, had to be one of the most watched, and commented on events  in the history of the internet, with the exception of the tragic events of 9/11/01. What an interesting day it was, on so many levels. The reaction of the public, to the verdict, will be studied, and written about, for years to come. The atmosphere of the day, was highly charged, to say the least.

For whatever it’s worth, I do not know who killed Caylee Anthony. I do not think anyone can say with 100% accuracy who did it. If this were possible, someone would be convicted by now. Short of a confession, we may never know what happened to that precious little child, this side of heaven. That is the sad part of it all. This precious little girl is dead, and no one knows how, or why. The media, especially Nancy Grace, of Head Line News (HLN) seemed to be obsessed with hanging Casey Anthony. Anything short of guilty in the 1st degree seemed to be unacceptable to her. I did not watch even one second of Grace’s forum of trial by media. I qualify my remarks with what I have read about her coverage, and what people were, and are saying about it. HLN, and Grace were driven by ONE thing, in my humble opinion. That ONE thing was not who killed precious little Caylee, that ONE thing was Head Line New’s ratings. Their ratings shot up because of Grace’s coverage of the trial. The more the ratings went up, the more Grace, and her cohorts at HLN stoked the fire. The coverage was irresponsible, and reprehensible. It was nothing but trashy sensationalism. Grace’s vendetta did nothing to increase awareness of the plight of missing/abused/exploited children, nor did it do anything for Caylee Anthony. Well, well, now; Nancy Grace it’s over, you did not get your way, in regards to the verdict, but you damn sure got your ratings up, saving your horrible show, and getting a big fat bonus check for yourself, didnt ya? Forget the missing/abused/exploited children, we must save Nancy Grace’s show, we must increase her ratings…Give me a break. What I have said about Nancy Grace, and Head Line News, can be said about many of the other talking heads, and media outlets. Just switch the names. It sickens me to see what is being done under the guise of journalism; Futhermore, I find it bizaire people watch this kind of garbage media, and hang on every report, as if they were hearing the Gospel truth. No matter the situation the insanity of the mob rises to the occasion every time!

Trying people in the media is un-American! In America, a person is innocent until PROVEN guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I am sick and tired of the media jumping the gun, trying a person, and convicting them in the court of public opinion. Why do they do this? For ratings. People LOVE to watch this garbage journalism. Whatever happened to just giving us the facts, and letting a jury/judge decide guilt, or lack thereof, according to the law? I was totally surprised that an unbiased jury had been found. I am glad, for the sake of  our Constitution, that they were able to put any preconceptions about Casey Anthony aside, and follow the Judge’s instructions, which were very lengthy, all 26 pages of them.

Let us not forget Caylee Anthony in all of this. Let us all put the plight of missing/abused/exploited children at the forefront of our thoughts. If you see something that does not look right, in a child’s life, for heaven’s sake tell someone. Lastly, let us strive to keep Caylee Anthony’s name out there, in the hope that one day, some how, some way, the truth of it all will be told by the person, or persons who know it. Little Caylee could have drowned, just as her mother said, or something darker, and even more sinister than we could even begin to fathom, could have happened. Hounding Casey Anthony to the ends of the earth is not the right thing to do. She has been tried, and a verdict has been given. We have lived under our Constitution for over 200 years. Let’s not go off half cocked, let the mob run amuck, and do a misdeed, to the honor of those who have fought, and died, for The Constitution of The United States of America.

Thanks for stopping by. God Bless You, God Bless America!

Old Soldier



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2 responses to “Casey Anthony Trial & Verdict – Just A Few Observations

  1. michellefrommadison

    HLN to cutback airtime on Nancy Grace, JVM, VP, to help with costs of upcoming CMA lawsuits. HLN is scrambling now that Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges except for the lie-charges and HLN is expected to lose millions of dollars in lawsuits against themselves and in the loss of advertising dollars since they were proven to be so very wrong on their reporting on the Casey/Caylee Anthony charges from back in 2008 through today. Wrong on all counts by HLN by all of their reporters for years and years, doesn’t get any worse for a network than that. Perhaps HLN should now consider reporting unbiased and more fair and balanced for a change. Time for Nancy and Jane to return to rehab and Vinnie to get some training on journalism101.

    • michellefrommadison,

      Thanks for the comment. I have been on sabbatical, and am back, with fresh stuff, and a crisp approach.

      I totally agree with everything you said. She can never be re-tried, for the alleged crime of murder. She could even state on national TV she did it, is happy she did it, and there is not one thing the criminal justice system can do, because of double jeapordy.

      I hope the media has learned a lesson to not try people in the press, It is un-American! All of the lawyers who did so are dispicable. It’s quite a queer thing that the majority of our elected leaders have a background in law. Yuck! Makes me want to vomit, because they are destroying our nation. More on that in future blogs!

      Hope you are well! Be happy!

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