Desperately Seeking Inspiration To Blog – Methods I Find Helpful

Some days writing is easy. The words fly furiously off my keyboard into my computer. Often the words are coming so fast from my brain my fingers cannot keep pace, creating a situation where I sometimes lose part of my original idea, completely. Other days I am totally uninspired. This lack of inspiration can last for weeks as I muddle through my life, desperately seeking inspiration. I do not like writing a bunch of drivel, so I will just not blog if inspiration is lacking. It’s kind of like how Austin Powers felt when he lost his mojo. If I am uninspired to write, I have lost my mojo, so to speak.

When I hit these patches of no inspiration, I look inward, back in time to the many awesome, and some not so awesome adventures I have had in my life. I have been to places most people will never get to go. I have been from sea to shining sea, and traveled out of this blessed nation to places the Army would rather I not speak about. Like I said, I have many, many, many memories; however the majority of the photographs I took of the places I have been got destroyed by water damage, or just thrown out by people who did not know what they were. It hurts to not have those memories on film anymore. Back then we did not have as many ways to protect our photos, like we do today. Oh well, I cannot go back and change any of it, so I continue marching onward, and upward.

Furthermore, when I find myself in an uninspired state, unable to write anything worth reading, I engage even more in life, as I am able. It sucks that I have to deal with the health problems I have. Crohns disease, in and of itself is bad enough, but when all the other health problems are piled on top, the burden makes my back bend to the point of breaking. I will persevere, and make the most of it all. As my dearly departed sister, Joyce, would always tell me, before she was called home to The Lord, I am a survivor. I will land on my feet regardless. I miss her, She was more than a sister, she was my best friend. She had Crohns Disease too, and it killed her. Don’t think that doesn’t haunt my thoughts occasionally, especially now that I am having problems with internal bleeding; she died from internal bleeding. My doctors are aware of it, and there is not allot they can do to stop it. Its caused from inflammation inside my intestines. Unfortunately the inflammation cannot be brought any further under control because I am allergic, or have adverse reactions to many of the medications given for treatment of Crohns. At any rate, lest I digress, getting off onto another topic, let me continue with where I find inspiration. Nature trails are a wonderful place to clear the mind, take some great photos, get fresh air, and let the sun shine on the skin. We have loads of them around here. First one to come to mind is Fort Caroline, followed closely by Hannah Park, on an equal basis with Little Talbot Island State Park. There are no lack of places to go around here, to clear ones mind, have some good exercise, and capture my oft fleeting inspiration.

Look at that! I have already written a halfway decent blog entry, over 550 words now, and all I did was talk about my lack of inspiration, and the remedies I use trying to get it back.

Thanks to everyone in the WordPress community for giving me such a warm welcome. WordPress is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the quality of blogs, and the talent of ALL the bloggers, in this fine community! I have been pleasantly surprised each time I have surfed the community. The content is excellent, the blogs are diverse, and all are written with their own unique brilliancy!

Hope you have a wonderful day, night, evening, afternoon – whatever the case may be where you are at! Thanks for laying over here as you “fly with WordPress!”.

armyveteran, Mark, AVet, Old Soldier, etc


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