Florida Fires, A Brief Update

In case anyone wants to know, we are still under the gun here in Florida with the fires, and smoke. Seems like the whole state is on fire. There are approximately 300 fires burning in the state. In North Florida, the Honey Prarie fire is effecting us the most with lots of smoke. Flagler, and St. Johns Counties are dealing with many fires, some that have popped up, and created havoc briefly, such as the fire in Guana River State Park, a couple days ago that resulted in A1A being closed.

As I have mentioned before, proximity to the fires is a huge factor as to whether or not a place is effected. Currently our beaches are okay, due to an easterly wind, but that will change. Yesterday, almost the entire St. Johns RIver was under heavy smoke from a fire in Flagler county. The smoke took to the lowest elevation, and followed the course of the river.

I will be gathering more information, and hope to go into the areas that have been hit, and are open, such as Guana RIver State Park, and bring back some photos to publish online.

Stay Safe, and Remember, Only U Can Prevent Forest Fires,



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