Bilderberg Group Meeting 11 June 2011

The Bilderberg Conference is taking place today in Switzerland. If you have never heard about this “Bilderberg Group”, I suggest you learn about it, especially if you are concerned about back room deals, and an unseen hand driving a hidden global agenda.

The Bilderbergs are a group of political, and financial elites who meet annually behind closed doors. These elites come from Europe (EU), and North America. These meetings have been taking place since the early 1950’s. No agenda is published for these meetings, and no press is allowed. They even go so far as to cover windows, so they can meet in absolute secrecy. Recent meetings have allegedly been infiltrated, according to Alex Jones, InfoWars, and other conspiracy theorist types.

The meeting that is being held today, 11 June 2011, has been targeted by activists, to bring more attention to the meetings, and their alleged secret agenda of global domination.

I find it interesting that this meeting is not being covered by the mainstream media. If I had not stumbled across information relating to the Bilderbergs, and the call for activists to protest todays meeting, I would have been ignorant of the matter.

I have in no way comprehensively analyzed the Bilderberg Conference. There are many hypothesis’ as to what takes place at these meetings. I will refrain from speculation at this point. For all I know they take off their clothes and mud wrestle, or have a farting contest… Lest I digress, I wanted to do my part to bring attention to the event, hence this blog entry.

Have A Great Day!

Old Soldier


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