Florida Fires and Smoke – How Will The Beaches, and The Daytona Races Be Effected?

With all of the fires burning in Florida, many people are wondering, how, and/or if their vacation trips to the beaches, Daytona Races, Magic Kingdom, etc will be effected by the fires, directly, or indirectly, by flames, and/or smoke. Having lived here all of my life I can tell you this much; allot will depend on when, and what type of rains we get. If we get a bunch of pop up thunderstorms, they can actually create a worse fire/smoke scenario, due to the lightning associated with them. If we get an early tropical system, the fires, and the smoke will be reduced, in the areas the system strikes. For example, if we get systems that only affect South Florida, then only South Florida will see a direct impact in the reduction/elimination of whatever fires may be burning, at the time. A tropical system that comes up the spine of the state would create a better scenario, to extinguish more fires, and clear out the smoke.

If you are worried about the beaches, much depends on which way the wind is blowing. Same scenario for the upcoming races in Daytona, if we do not see an improvement in the current drought we are in. Right now the prevailing winds are from the east, so the beaches are not being effected as much by the smoke, as the inland areas are. I live about 40 miles inland, and the smoke and haze are pretty bad this morning, and will be all day. I am glad I quit smoking 14 months ago. The current conditions have been causing me to have allot of headaches, and sinus issues. Yesterday I had a migraine, AND a sinus headache from smoky conditions. People with respiratory problems are being told to stay indoors. In addition, to all of this, Interstate 95 was temporarily closed, a couple of days ago, because the smoke was so thick,  it was too dangerous to drive. According to reports, from local news stations, tens of thousands of people were diverted. Basically we have many fires burning, due to the severity of our annual drought.  The entire state is feeling the effects one way, or another.

According to the Farmers Almanac, we have the threat of a Hurricane, from the 10-13, of June, and again from the 21-24, of June. They are usually pretty close, with their predictions panning out over 50%, of the time. I interpret their forecast as meaning we should have at least one tropical system effect the state. We really need the types of rains associated with tropical systems; steady, and in abundance. The weather forecasters, on the local news stations, are all in agreement. It will take an abundance, of steady rain, to clear out the fires, and smoke. The conditions are bad. I can still taste smoke from when I was outside earlier, and I feel another headache coming on.

If you are coming to Florida, I recommend that you call ahead, perhaps someone you know lives in the area you are planning to visit. If not, the local newspapers, and weather forecasts, are on the internet. Most of what we are dealing with, has to do with where one is, and which way the wind is blowing.

I hope this helps in some way.

Good Luck, and Drive Safely,

Old Soldier


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  1. Thank you for the heads up. I have been out of the loop and did not realize there was fires in Florida right now. I don’t plan on visiting that side of Florida anytime soon, but my Dad lives over my the gulf side. Good luck and stay safe.

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