Memorial Day – A Veteran’s Viewpoint

American Flag

Giant Flag being held by service members.

Memorial Day seems to confuse some of my fellow citizens.  Some seem to think that today is a day to thank those serving in the Armed Forces of our beloved country, The United States of America. It is, but it aint. It is because we should thank these brave men and women every day for the sacrifices they make to serve, and defend our blessed union, VOLUNTARILY. It aint, because we have a special day set aside for them. It is called Armed Forces Day. I know that holiday well, It seems I marched the soles off of several pairs of boots, practicing for, and engaging in reviews, and parades marking the day. Funny how it never was a day off for me.

Some people seem to think that today is the day to give special thanks to veterans. Once again, it is, but it aint. Veterans should be thanked every day for the sacrifices they have made. Some veterans are disabled, and of these, some are severely disabled, from injuries sustained in the line of duty; duty I might add that some volunteered for. It aint, because veterans have their special day to be remembered extra special on, and it is called Veterans Day.

Others seem to have no clue what today is about, and they really don’t seem to care either. All they know is that it is a day off, the beaches are open, and loads of sales are happening. That’s okay though. As long as they are free to choose what they want to do, and learn, the sacrifices made, were not made in vain.

The strict definition of Memorial Day is that it is a day set aside to honor members of the United States Armed Forces who have died in battle. These men, and women, made the ultimate sacrifice, for this country, and it’s  Constitution. They gave their all to support, and defend the Constitution, of The United States.  The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were hard-fought for, and they have been defended, and honored, with the blood, sweat, and tears, of generations. Throughout the history of our Republic, generation, after generations have answered when their country called. Today we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life. I salute all of them, looking all the way back to the birth of The United States of America, to the wars fought throughout its history, to the current conflict in which we are engaged. May God Almighty bless the memory of our fallen heroes, as we remember their sacrifices on this Memorial Day.


Flag of The USA

The American Flag held up by members of The Armed Forces


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