“Iran with Nuclear Weapons – Will that be a good thing? – “Iranium””


This link will take you to where you can see the documentary “Iranium”. This is a must see for those who are concerned about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, and what they will most likely do with them. The documentary also gives a brief history of Iran since the revolution in the late 70’s, and discusses Iran’s  links to terrorism.

I am convinced that if Iran makes, or obtains atomic/nuclear weapons, they will not hesitate, to hold their neighbors hostage, and to use these aforementioned weapons, on Israel, The United States, and Europe.  The leaders of Iran will use their atomic/nuclear capabilities, in the belief that the cataclysmic events that will follow, will cause the 12th Imam, their messiah, to come. This is the problem with a Theocratic Government, founded on a religion, that does not respect life, and contains a doomsday scenario, that can be brought about, through the murderous actions of its adherrants, in the context, of the religion.

This documentary reminded me just how scary, and off their collective rockers, the Iranian leadership is.  America has faced, fought, and defeated terrorist minded governments, and people before. The Islamic, suicidal, jihadiist minded soldiers, are not a new concept. What would make them a new concept, and a much greater threat, is for Iran, a sponsor of terrorist groups around the world, to obtain an atomic/nuclear weapon. 

America’s leaders cannot keep kicking the can down the road, in the hopes that Israel will act unilaterally. We should not put them in a position to do so, and they will, if they see no alternative. If that happens, all hell will break loose. America needs to act. Sanctions will not work, as long as China, and Russia continue to conduct large amounts of business with Iran. Its time for our allies, who will be at just as much risk as we will be, if Iran obtains “the bomb”, to put up, or shut up, while we take out Iran’s nuclear facilities, before it is too late.

The length of this documentary, “Iranium”, is about 57 minutes, but worth every second. Lots of information is contained in it. I could not post it directly in this blog entry, hence the link.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

army veteran


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