Harold Camping’s Doomsday Prediction – A Rebutal – Part 1

Harold Camping, the leader, and voice, of Family Radio, recently predicted the end of the world would occur, on May 21st, 2011, 6:00 P.M. EDT. I am writing this blog entry on the  23rd of May, 2011, so obviously his prediction/prophesy failed.  What is Harold Camping? Is he an old feller we should feel sorry for, and patronize? Is he a danger to those who listen to him? Is he a predictor, or as they say in the Bible, a prophet, and if so, is he a false prophet?

Many scenarios come to mind when I think about Mr. Camping’s most recent prediction, and the failure of it to come true. Sad feelings come to my heart when I think of those who were misled, some selling all they had, even going into debt, in the belief that Jesus was coming, and it was all going to be over with, as far as the way of this earth is concerned. Look around, there is a lot of misery out there. Some people are grasping for something to believe in, and Mr. Camping, with his end of the world prophecy,  
led many people astray. I am sure they feel like idiots now that Camping’s predictions, of the end did not occur. When I checked the news, before blogging this, Camping hasn’t had much to say, and seems disillusioned. He could just be busy counting all the money he made off of this false prophecy, and will make a statement, to smooth it all over soon.

I am not writing this to just attack Harold Camping. I want to share what my studies have revealed about prophecies, and prophets, real and false.

Deuteronomy 18 is a great place to start. We are told here that a true prophet will be from among the brethren. Translated to the New Testament Church, this would be a follower of Jesus. A true Prophet will speak in the name of God. Lastly, a true prophet is NEVER wrong. A true prophet always accurately predicts the future.

We are warned by Saint Peter, in 2nd Peter that the real threat to Christianity would come from within. He tells us there will be those who claim to be Christians, and they will try to corrupt the faith. In that time period, these people were introducing false doctrines, and these doctrines were a real threat. The only way Christians can defeat false teaching is to remain committed to the truth, and live holy lives. It was true then, and it is true now. How many people would have turned their radio off, if they had read their own Bible, and applied the words of Jesus, when He said that no one knows the day/hour, not even the angels, only the Father knows when the end would come.

False prophets bring the way of truth into a disreputable position. They exploit the people with stories they have made up. False prophets are guilty of heresy, and this makes them heretics. Heresy is false teaching.

Does any of this apply to the recent events involving Family Radio, and Harold Camping? Just as you should read your own Bible, and let the Holy Spirit lead you, so should you do regarding the prophecies/teachings of Harold Camping, and Family Radio.

On a side note, Mr. Camping said Judgment Day would start on the 21st of May, 2011. There are several judgements that will take place at the end time. I will be covering that in a forthcoming blog entry. I will also be blogging about the False Prophet of the Revelation, who will be a miracle worker, calling down fire from heaven, and how he fits in to all of this.

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Do not be misled, or deceived. Read your Bible, and verify the claims of others.


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