“Who Am I, and Why Am I Here?” – Adm Stockdale

I am looking for a home to blog. A home where my blogs will not be arbitrarily deleted. A home where blogging is the main thing, and I do not have to fear a change, in the format the company is using; such as Yahoo! has done to me twice. Yahoo had a great thing going, as far as I was concerned, along with 50 friends, countless other users, etc, with a thing called Yahoo! 360. It wasn’t the greatest thing, in the world, but it worked, and was simple to use. I wrote voluminous blogs there, many of which were technical, some personal, and others political. They decided to make it better, and promised we would not lose our blogs. I briefly tried another blogging place, Multiply, because many of my contacts went over there. It was okay because I could transfer all of my Yahoo! 360 blogs over there, along with photo headers, and it had an option to delete, if I became unhappy with it. Turns out, it was not what I really wanted, so I deleted it. In the interim, after dragging their collective behinds, Yahoo! rolled out its new fangled format, which was supposed to be better than 360. It had allot of bugs, and after a while, it looked like they worked them out. From all apperances, Yahoo! kept their promises, well, partially, by bringing my old blog posts over, to the new site. I say partially because they failed to bring the photos that I published, at the top, of nearly all, of my blog posts, over to the new site. The old site was unaccessable, so I lost every single one of those pics. I had them on my PC, but it crashed, so they are somewhere, out there, in cyberspace, or in the archives of Yahoo!, but I do not have them…

Now I come to the current time frame. Guess what? Yahoo!, that ole trustworthy site, is doing away with all blogs, and photos, on the site that replaced 360! I find this unbelievable. What a way to do business.

I have already had my facebook experience, months, and months ago,  found it lacking, in the areas that are important to me. Staying online, to chat, or play  games all the time, is just not on my list of favorite things to do, neither is being a friend collector. It sickens me to hear people say, “oh look at me, I have a zillion friends on Facebook”. That, in and of itself, diminishes the meaning of the word friend.

That brings me here. I look forward to blogging here, and reading the blogs of others. I am not one who is online all the time, so it will take me a little bit of time, to get this set up the way I want it.

Just wanted to say, “Hello!”.



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