Lets Talk Crohns!

GREETINGS FROM CONFEDERATE POINT: Hey everyone. My sabbatical has been going great, despite rumors to the contrary. My health has improved significantly, and my outlook is positive. To my fellow Crohns disease sufferers, I give a special hello, may you find peace, and power despite the ongoing struggle. I know how you feel. Be blessed in your endeavors.

While I am on the subject of Crohns disease I have some technical stuff about the problem I want to share, and hopefully help someone who is struggling.

First off to my friends in the medical community I need to take you to the wood shed. You have utterly failed your patients if you regularly prescribe habit forming, and mind altering drugs without first exhausting every resource at your disposal. We want good outcomes; do we not? While there are cases where there is no choice but to prescribe such substances, it should always be the very last resource. Some of these medications are very dangerous, and seem to have a way of messing peoples lives up. Always remember to treat the underlying problem, if you can. If it is beyond your expertise REFER the patient. Unless the patient has proven to you extensively he/she can maintain a grasp of the technical details regarding his/her disease/injury/sickness be suspicious, and remember to always be positive with your patients. The power of nature, and the mind to balance the body can be quite impressive, and when you see good outcomes, it will help balance out the terrible things you see on a daily basis. I respect you for standing in the trenches, and trying to make a difference. Perhaps one day I will be able to join you again in the trenches.

To those who are suffering with Crohns and have had terrible/extensive problems with treatments, as well as poor outcomes I know what you are going through, and it sucks. I have found it is better for me if I can maintain as much of a mental hold over my illness, and surroundings as possible; however that is not always possible. I have found that getting with the right doctors, or in those cases where NEW doctors have been suddenly thrust upon me, a good rap session even a couple of hours with the physician opens the door for potentially better treatment . I have found educating the physician, if I can, is helpful. Sometimes though it is difficult to educate the atypical physician, and you must deal with it. This is where keeping as strong of a psychic hold over my illness helps a great deal. I have found coping skills have much to do with our outcomes, and ANYTHING that could potentially undermine said skills should be treated like the enemy they are. I have found it is hard and almost impossible, in the real world to succeed with a disability such as Crohns disease. Kudos to those of us who are working fulltime jobs and dealing with the BS from the Crohns disease.

Thanks for stopping by. This is my offering to you for the day, a blessing, as the dew in meadow let your problems be.





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The New Oxycontin – Is It Non-Addictive?

Hey everyone! WOW! I have not blogged quite a while now. I have had a whole lotta stuff going on. I am getting on great these days, in case anyone was wondering.

I did a bit of an experiment with my pain medication. Everyone who reads this blog knows I take pain medication. You all just do not know the type I take. ONE of my pain medications is Oxycontin. Recently the manufacturer of this medication remade the formula for the pill, so as to prevent people from crushing them up, and doing lord knows what with it. This new formula makes the outside mix in so much with the inside of the pill that it is basically unusable for use other than what the doctor prescribed. The manufacturer is also touting this knew formula as being more, or less non addictive. We all heard this same statement when this drug originally came out, and we know what happened with it. It became “Hillbilly Heroin”.

Being the curious person I am, I decided to test this medication to see if it indeed has qualities making it so it is not hard to come off of. I abruptly quit taking it, and stayed off of it for a number of days. I had absolutely NO withdrawals from this medication. I hurt like hell, but I had no withdrawals. It looks like, at least for me, the manufacturer got it right this time.

If you know anyone taking this medication, please be sure to pass this tidbit on to them.

On to other news, we have some tropical systems gearing up in the Carribean, so I have to get off here and make sure I am ready, just in case.

God Bless, and Stay Safe!


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Is God’s Harvest on the Horizon?

This old world seems to be about ready to fly off its axis. Almost everyone is into things just for the money. Altruism is at risk of extinction. It seems like what Jesus said in Matthew about the end times, as well as other parts of end time prophecy are being fulfilled right in front of us.

The neighborhood church is dead. It has been killed by the Mega Churches, where people can go, be anonymous, and not worry about the church seeing how they really live, and have their sinning interfered with. Why even bother going to church if you are not going to even try to live it. It is our nature to sin, so do not get me wrong that I expect folks to be perfect. One of the most tragic things lost with the neighborhood church is evangelism by people who knew you, as well as having something there to help people when they fell on hard times. Not just financial assistance, but spiritual assistance. We seem to be forgetting our founders, going all the way back to Plymouth Rock, where men, and women of faith came here to escape religious persecution, and make a better society.  Our nation was born with Christian values. Have we made mistakes along the way? Yes, we are after all only human; however, our collective sense of morality is in jeopardy, and our society is seeing under currents of religious persecution of Christians. In some cases we have seen overt persecution of Christian’s rights in the public arena.

Now a days everyone is in it all for themselves. Like animals, the world seems to be going the way of the jungle. We have thrown God, prayers to Him, and His word out of our classrooms, and public institutions. The Christians, those who act on, and truly believe the Bible are being pushed farther into the corners of society, all the while Satan has taken center stage in the public square. These are indeed very difficult times to be a Christian. Society has turned against God, in the name of political correctness, and not wanting to offend anyone. Our society no longer calls sin what it actually is, we have explanations, ad nauseam.

I worry when things play out to the end course of which our society is locked onto, will it be too late for the souls of the lost to be redeemed? Will God have already had enough, as He did in the days of Noah, and save His children, those asleep in Christ, and those who are still living, and saved. How many will indeed be left behind? It appears the masses are following satan right off the edge of a cliff, into eternal damnation.

I pray God helps this society see the course we are on is a course of destruction. Mankind has become prideful, and arrogant, thinking there is no need for God. We are in a tower of Babel, and the times of Noah situation. Had the neighborhood church not been killed, we may have been able to get more souls ready for the harvest, the inevitable harvest of God.

If you do not know God, please read John 3:16. This one verse can save a soul from eternal damnation.


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Post Office Shooting in Jacksonville- Man Shot 5 Times by Wife – Exclusive Photographs of Police Take Down

A few weeks ago a woman shot her husband at a local post office, and fled. She was pursued by the Jacksonville Sherriffs Office, and apprehended at an intersection a couple a hundred yards from my balcony. I got my camera, and started taking photos. I got several. I did not realise what I had until I watched an update from a local news outlet. None of the news stations had photos of the woman being taken down. All of the news outlets had followed the chase from a southerly route, and did their live shots from the south side of the road.  I had the northward view, to myself, and my camera.

I submitted my photographs to news4jax.com, and got credit for my pictures. They said my name at the top of the 10:00 P.M. news, and put my name under the lead photo on their webpage, a photo of the woman on the ground, cuffed. A photo, by the way, that I took with that new camera I have been bragging about. I was able to use the zoom feature to get some great shots from far away, with a clarity that surprised me. The news outlet I gave them to was the only one to have photographs of the take down. NO ONE else had the angle I did. It felt great to get recognition for my work.

Here are the photos:







I hope you all enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them. Not for re-copy, and/or distribution. In other words, these are my intellectual property. The only entity having rights to use these are WP (by user agreement), and News4Jax.com



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Lance Armstrong, Cycling, Etc

“Does Lance Armstrong enjoy cycling? Of course he does! He has a ball!”

I saw this one today, written by Kuruis, on Reddit Jokes, got a laugh, wanted to pass it along, so here it is…lol

I am lurking the web, newspapers, movies, and documentaries mining for material to go into my next blog entry. The jokes help keep things into perspective. Sometimes, I try too hard to come up with an entry, and write a bunch of crap, or nothing at all.

Thanks to everyone who has, and is still supporting me in this time of difficult transition, in my life. Having Crohns Disease, and all the body falling apart problems 28 years of it entails is a harsh reality, in and of itself. Adding the marriage breakup to the mix, makes for some real crappy days. Thanks to all of you for cruising my blog, and sending the well wishes.

This too shall pass.


mark – aka still need a car to get back and forth to doctors’ appointments – armyveteran 😉


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Could Thalidomide Be The Answer For My Crohns Disease?

As I was doing research on treatments for Crohns Disease, I ran across some interesting research where Clinicians are using Thalidomide to treat Crohns Disease patients unresponsive to other treatments. In several studies, even the patients who dropped out of the clinical trials because of side effects, ranging from drowsiness, neuropathy, and constipation, had positive results from the use of this drug, on their disease. The positive effects on Crohns disease were prevalent even in lower doses, with some patients attaining total remission

Thalidomide was banned in the mid part of last century due to severe birth defects, so it would have to be carefully monitored as to who would be able to use it, if approved, and accepted by the Medical Community, for widespread use; nonetheless, for people like me who have had a bad reaction to everything except steroids, to treat my Crohns disease, this may be an alternative I may be able to take. I will be asking my GI doctor. This drug is an earlier version of the new main line Crohns disease treatments, Anti Tumor Necrosis Factor (anti TNF) drugs. I will definitely investigate this.

My GI doctors want me off the steroids, and I fully understand why, but we have not found an alternative yet. We thought we had an alternative, but when I got the prescription, and checked it against my records, I saw where it caused me a significant GI bleed. I was throwing up dry blood from it several years ago, so I cannot use it. Maybe low dose Thalidomide will work, or maybe not. I will keep looking though. Lucky for me, my GI Clinic is affiliated with the University of Florida, and Shands Gainesville, so I get access to treatments before others, if I choose to participate, in clinical trials.

Thanks for stopping by. I still need a car if ANYONE can help me out with a clunker. I would be happy to make payments. I just do not have a down payment. I am planning to move closer to the hospital, but will need a car so I am not stuck, in a new town, with no way to go. I guess we can say getting a car is on my “Bucket List“. I really, really, really need one, and hate to ask, but at this point I am about ready to beg.

Take Care,



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My Visit With My New Doctor & Compliments to Lake City, FL VA Hematology Clinic

I had an appointment at the Veterans Clinic in Lake City, Florida today. I was a bit apprehensive about this appointment because I have a new Primary Care doctor. Those who know me know that this is my 5th Primary Care Doctor in the past two years. I have never had so many doctors, in such a short time. What happened was the doctor assigned me when my old doctor got promoted quit because she did not like all the computer BS the VA makes the doctors do, and they had a hard time replacing her. Of all these doctors, I only saw one, back last year, for a whole 5 minutes. Needless to say, I felt like I was being put on the back burner, all the while my health kept declining from an already diminished state. I was in and out of a local private hospital because the pain of the pancreatitis, which they now say is chronic, was too much for me, and the medications I had would not touch the pain. The last time I was hospitalised, June of last year, on top of all the medications I take routinely, they were having to give me 1.5 mg of Diladud every 2 hours. I was very miserable until it cleared up. I could have taken care of things at home had I had something for the intense pain, other than what I already take for the myriad of problems I have. Moreover, I were in the middle of a dose adjustment when the doctor who was supposed to be my new doctor quit. I did okay, for a while, then I needed another adjustment, yet had no doctor who knew me to call on.

The Primary Care Doctor is very important in the VA system. They are the proverbial Quarterback of the team. When you have a severe health problem you do not want second string replacements, you want a real Doctor who is going to stay, get to know you, and you them, so as to develop that special relationship a severely ill patient needs with their doctor.

I am glad to report my new Primary Care Doctor seems to be a good one. It is going to take time for her to get to know me, and understand fully my problems, but we had a great start today. She did not pull any punches with me, and gave it to me straight. I respect that. Moreover, she discovered some medications I had been taking for a long time that are not exactly good for a man’s prostate, and discontinued them, lest I develop prostate problems. I appreciate that. I go back in 3 months. I will see how it goes, but thus far, all is good.

My blood has been tired for over six years now. I had a significant GI bleed back in 07 that created many problems for me. I want to take this time to tell whoever reads this how nice, compassionate, professional, and efficient the Hematology Clinic at Lake City has been to me. I truly appreciate them. Of note, is a nurse named Amy, and an NP named Ruth. They have bent over backwards to accommodate me, and I am truly grateful. Stacy deserves an honorable mention as she is another one who has helped me. Kudos to these front line troopers. The VA needs more like them, especially Amy, and Ruth.

As I have mentioned, my health has been giving me fits. I now have chronic pancreatitis, and it hurts like hell. Most of the time, about 70 percent of the time, my regular meds work, but the rest of the time I am in sheer agony. I had to go to the ER last month for a pain shot. I also am dealing with the crohns (from Accutane given me for my service connected disability), the effects of 11 abdominal surgeries, 5 surgeries to repair a broken bone in my face (Army injury), sacroilietis, fused disks in my neck, myofacial syndrome, osteoporosis, joint pain (severe in my hips), and neuropathy. I am dealing with more than this, but to list it all would take more space than I wish to use. Suffice it to say, I need your prayers, if you pray. Anyone wishing to send cash, that will help too, although it will not take the pain away. I have been in constant pain now for 25 years, 15 of those being severe up to now. I hope that together my new doctor, and the pain team can come up with a workable, practical, and EFFECTIVE treatment. I am grateful for what I have now, but I know they can do better.

Thanks for stopping by!



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