Interesting. I know they pick things up from their owners. If I am ill, or upset, my dog knows, sometimes before I do. As a veteran, I can testify to the huge positive impact dogs have on those of us confronting serious problems. I hope something is learned from this study to help our friends.

Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:

(KCBS) – With animals, we don’t necessarily know what they’re thinking. Still, we see compulsive behavior by our four-legged friends.

“So we just call it compulsive behaviors in animals but it has a lot of the same qualities or characteristics as humans in that we see this repetitive or ritualistic behavior that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose,” explained Jennifer Scarlett, DVM, co-president of the San Francisco SPCA.

“It’s really interesting, we see different breeds expressing different behaviors,” she continued.

[cbs-audio url="" size="" download="" name="Animal Update: OCD in Pets" artist="Jeff Bell"]

“The main thing is getting to a diagnosis,” Scarlett said of potential treatment options. “Once you make a diagnosis they can usually combine behavior modification with exercises, as well as pharmaceuticals to lower anxiety and stop this behavior.”

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